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Dinshaw B. Avari
Industry Insights
Dinshaw B. Avari, Director,
Avari Hotels Ltd.

"Avari Hotels supports women in the workplace because we find women work more conscientiously, honestly, diligently and tend to be more loyal. They are more sensitive to the needs of an organization."

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Shireen Naqvi
Industry Insights
Shireen Naqvi, Director,
School of Leadership (SoL)

"HerCareer.pk offers a way around; where we can respect 'what is' and foster 'what can be'. If there is a problem, there is most certainly a way out, and HerCareer.pk is one such promising solution."

Fseeha Rizvi
Industry Insights
Fseeha Rizvi, Human Resource Manager,
British Council Pakistan

"HerCareer.pk doing a remarkable job on sensitising gender equality, helping working women increase their professional confidence, and providing a digital platform for them to engage with prospective employers."

Raza Pirbhai
Industry Insights
Raza Pirbhai, General Manager HR,
Zil Limited

"I personally think women are no less than men, intelligent and hard working."

Hina Akhtar
Industry Insights
Hina Akhtar, PR and CSR Consultant,
Royal Danish Embassy of Pakistan

"Women are coming forward and taking up top positions on the job market, and they are an inspiration to other aspiring young girls"

Leon Bernard Menezes
Industry Insights
Leon Bernard Menezes, Professor of Practice ,

"I'm a Mentor at HerCareer.pk because: To learn is to share is to learn. It is like being a candle that lights other candles – you lose absolutely nothing in doing so but the whole room becomes brighter."

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