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Make money online! Teach what you know.

Blogging, programming, writing these are just some of the many professions one can join to make money online. However, did you know that now you can make money online by teaching as well? You don’t even need to be a teacher at a college or a school. You can simply make money by teaching what YOU know. Be it some basic programming skills or tips on becoming a good speaker if you like to teach and can interact with large audiences this is the way to go for you.
One of the platforms for online teaching is It allows you to share your unique lectures with a large audience and make money off it.
A few tips to get started in the online teaching arena are:

Stake your claim: Decide a topic. What do you love? What can’t you stop talking about? Take your passion and turn it into a money maker. Do people regularly come to you for advice? What sort of books do you like? Think along these lines to decide what you could take up as a subject.

Solve Problems: Ask questions and put yourself in the mindset of the student. Learn to anticipate the need of the student and audience to be more successful.

Define an objective: Who do you want to teach? What to do want to teach? Define a group for yourself and then cater to their needs accordingly.

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