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Abuse and harassment in public places is strangely common. Be it an insulting cat call or a creepy follower, most women experience it at least a few times in their lives. And it doesn’t matter if they are alone or with a guardian. Sometimes harassment just cannot be avoided. The reaction to it however can bring about a change. When a woman gets harassed or abused in public places, they tend to ignore and never talk about it fearing embarrassment. They know they are not at fault but they still feel ashamed about it. lets women share their stories of harassment and abuse in public spaces, anonymously.
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Social science research highlights that the women experiencing sexual harassment are more likely to ignore the incident either by stepping out or disregard it. This unreported act usually motivates the offender to continue the offensive behavior.

Reporting it highlights the magnitude of the problem and what is happening in the streets.
Reporting breaks misconceptions and myths about sexual harassment that make people hesitate to acknowledge the problem and stand up to it (that the harassed/assaulted is to blame and that it is just innocent flirting, for example).

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When you see women getting abused in the public spaces and you can’t see their helplessness – this is when initiatives like are born. It’s becoming common. It’s time people realize abuse happens in public spaces, too. The information will remain  on the site for everyone to see. The idea is to highlight areas where it happens the most so women can plan their visits accordingly, making it safer for them to travel. Our focus is not on the individual cases but larger trends.

Reporting sexual harassment and assault is a way of breaking the silence and making a statement to say that sexual harassment is a crime and not acceptable. It’s hard to ignore crowd-sourced information.

Silent reports are better than complete silence. Highlighting that something is wrong is the first step to correcting it and that is exactly what has offered.

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