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Karachi, Pakistan


I am currently working as the General Manager - Business Development at Aman Foundation. I have been nominated as a ponds miracle woman 2015. This is an award given to woman who have managed exceptional careers and have managed to balance their personal lives as well

i am a single mom and have 14 years of work experience both in the corporate and development sector in various marketing and sales roles

The organizations that i have worked for include Unilever, Glaxo Smith Kline, Engro Foods and the The citizens foundation

I am interested in working with this platform to mentor young woman as it has been with the help of many such mentors that i have managed to achieve the success i have today

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Work experience

  • Nov 2015 to Present

    The Aman Foundation is a local, not-for-profit trust, based and operating in Pakistan, born out of the belief that Pakistanis must take the lead in solving Pakistans problems. The Aman Foundation aims to champion dignity and choice for the undeserved, focusing on Health and Education through direct intervention; aspiring to derive scalable, sustainable and systemic change in Pakistan. Healthcare Development and implementation of healthcare systems ranging from Emergency Medical Response, Community Health Workers to TeleHealth initiatives. Nutrition Provision of nutritious and hygienic meals to school children to reduce hunger and malnutrition; increasing enrolment and attendance simultaneously. Education and Skills A Vocational Training Institute designed to transform unemployed and untrained youth into productive members of society Achievements Leading a 10 member team responsible for all revenue generating streams worth PKR 1.1 bn annually for all funding raising pipelines including grants, HNWs and Industrial partnerships. This team is also responsible for collaboration with global Aman Networks, a registered NGO in the United Kingdom Redefined organizational structure, developed a 5 year business strategy and tactical role out plan for fundraising approved by the trustees in November Streamlined processes and SOPs to ensure companywide alignment and collaborated on developing monitoring learning and evaluation reporting systems to ensure compliance to Grantor requirements Processed grants proposals worth PKR 650 million to potentially expand grantor base to include World Bank a wider array of USAID programs, Local Institutional Donors and International Private FoundationsDeveloped and rolled out a sustainability program for Emergency Medical Care and Telehealth services to reduce dependency on grantors by identifying a market need and building a business sustainability pipeline with partnering organizations such as hospitals, schools and corporations utilizing our services Increased sustainability for existing vocational trades by bringing on 7 new partnering organizations on board within the first 6 months Currently working on the feasibility of creating a provincial soft skill council with the British council that envisions an alliance with the government and prominent industry partners. The council will aim to act as a bridge to ensure alignment of academia and vocational training with industry requirements to increase their employability in the industry.

  • Jan 2014 to Oct 2015

    TCF is a professionally managed, non-profit organization set up in 1995 by a group of citizens concerned with the dismal state of education in Pakistan. It is now one of Pakistan's leading organizations in the field of formal education. As of 2015, TCF has established 1060 purpose-built school units nationwide with an enrolment of 165,000 students. TCF encourages female enrolment and strives to maintain a 50% female ratio in most of its campuses. TCF has a full female faculty of 8,900 members. TCF also has a dedicated Teacher Training Center in Karachi and Mansehra for the ongoing training of its faculty and provides logistical support to all its teachers.


    Selected Ponds Miracle Woman of the year by Unilever Pakistan. This is a recognition given by Unilever Pakistan for women who have demonstrated a level of professional excellence and succeeded despite the odds while maintaining a balance in their personal lives as well

    Headed a dedicated Resource Mobilization team responsible for lead generation, donor relationship management and new business development

    Defined a regional development process that mapped TCFs network expansion requirements for the next five years.

    Developed a comprehensive fund raising strategy for global markets that resulted in 42% organic growth vs PY.

    Developed a long term business strategy for lead markets

    Defined and integrating new processes and work flows to focus on lead generation and streamlining data management

    Organized a Global Chapters Conference to be held in March to achieve global alignment for all TCF present and future initiatives.

  • Apr 2014 to Nov 2015 Achievements Developed and executed programs across all segments of trade designed to improve availability, visibility, route productivity and call productivity for Dettol Soap, Veet and HarpicRestructured the Perfect Store Program and the Perfect Grocery program to move from variable discounts to fixed discounts to ensure control on trade spends, improve execution and prevent suspicious sales in trade. Redefined trade spends, May 2013 onwards, to ensure a clear cut strategy of rationalized discounts to trade on key brands to close year within budget. Improved ratios of conditional and unconditional trade spends compared to SPLY.Improved sale health indicators on all key brands Dettol Soap, Veet and Harpic Led development of the Trade Marketing Strategy for 2014 to improve visibility, productivity and distribution across key categories Developed trade launch plans for key launches H1 2014.
  • Oct 2011 to Mar 2013 Achievements Lead a team of 48 people permanent & 31 contractual employees, 10 business partners with complete business ownership for Trade and FSD for Karachi Handled a business of over Rs 9.5 bn / year - the largest region in PakistanDeveloped a business model that was to be implemented end first quarter aimed at streamlining business distributor operations to introduce efficiencies, improving distributor business viability, enhance direct trade coverage to covering 60% of reported trade universe Had the distinction of being the first female Regional Manager in the history of the organization Trade Category Manager All Purpose Milk and Desi Ghee Achievements Managed a business category of APM Rs 9.738 bn, Cream category of Rs 422mn and Fats portfolio of Rs 506 mnProvided seasoned leadership in the translation and execution of the Marketing strategy into impactful trade programsWorked with Key Accounts managers to ensure excellence in-store activation and delivery of integrated Customer Business Plan and Customer Plans
  • Feb 2008 to Dec 2009 Achievements Developed and implemented a marketing strategy for the value propositions portfolio consisting of K2, Lord, Royals, Princeton and Hylite. Stopped a seven year declining trend and grew K2 by 5% over SPLY, increased market share by 0.4% and improved numeric distribution by 1% despite three successive price increases.Worked on all aspects of pricing and blend development to improve company and trade margins on portfolio.Worked cohesively with Market Research, Product Development, Pricing, Operations and Packaging on the development of L&M.Conducted extensive market research to understand the macro indicators, consumer trends, industry price positioning, smoker segment profiles and usage patterns that would determine segment and brand positioning for L&M.
  • Mar 2006 to Oct 2007 Senior Brand Manager - Brand Portfolio Oil & Dairy Fats Category, Personal Care, Powdered Drinks & Culinary Range Achievements Successfully launched the complete brand portfolio for IFFCO Pakistan. This included a series of ATL and BTL campaigns which involved the electronic media, outdoor advertising ,trade activation and a series of Below The Line activities for the ODF, Soaps, Powdered Drinks and the Culinary range.Developed communication campaigns for Oil, Banaspati, Soaps and Culinary range. The communication platform identified for Golden Sun Oil is now being used by our global markets.Worked on all aspects of pricing to improve company and trade margins on brands. Conducted extensive market research pre and post launch of ODF campaign.Designed and currently implemented a 3 year demand generation plan for the Soaps, Powdered Drinks and the culinary range.Developed and helped initiate processes that streamlined budgeting, monthly forecasting, inventory management, procurement and purchasing.Identified, negotiated with, and finalized agencies for Advertising, Media buying, Outdoor Advertising and BTL activities.
  • Jan 2003 to Feb 2006 Achievements Launched a first ever lay public awareness campaign for Vaccines involving a series of Above and Below The Line activities. This involved using electronic, radio and print media to communicate disease awareness messages and a series of promotional BTL activities which included a national level school drawing competition.Closed year end sales of Engerix B at 12% growth over last year, in spite of mid year closing showing negative growths of 7%.This was accomplished by identifying, positioning and marketing Engerix-B in previously untargeted customer segments to increase distribution Brand Manager- OTC CategoryPanadol, Calpol, Actifed Achievements Grew the 30 year old brand, Panadol by 17% in 2004 making it the 5th largest brand in the industry in terms of value. This was achieved by aggressively driving sales through a balance of end consumer, medical and retail marketing. Through strong and aggressive marketing strategies, grew Calpol by 10% over 2004.This was achieved despite of the removal of a bi-annual trade bonus traditionally given on the brand for the past thirteen years. Achievements Established a fully operational trade marketing function.Ensured 38% secondary sales growth over previous year for trade driven brands of Aquafresh, Iodex and Eno Developed a merchandising manual for the distributor sales force that helped set visibility benchmarks for different category of outlets across Pakistan. Managed Key Accounts across Pakistan and handled all aspects of in store branding and visibility that included acquiring multiple category signage rent free, at the largest retail stores in Pakistan. Designed and effectively implemented a year round Loyalty Program for 300 Key Accounts across Pakistan.
  • Aug 2001 to Jan 2003 Achievements Ensured 43% YTD incremental growth over 2001.Designed and effectively implemented the Demand Generation Plan Modern Trade Pakistan. This involved re-defining traditional business concepts in terms of developing and allocating separate resources for MT specific brand activation plans.Designed and effectively implemented the Corporate Trade Promotion-Maal-a-Maal.Re-mapped outlets within Karachi city to increase coverage and to ensure dedicated distributor resources allocated to serving modern trade outlets within the city. Extended operations to cities of Multan & Hyderabad.


  • 2000 - 2000 Master's Degree


English - Native or bilingual proficiency Urdu - Native or bilingual proficiency