Workplace Diversity. Delivered.

At Maersk, we embrace diversity. Because we believe that a diverse workplace is better for our customers, for our business, and for our employees.

Arslan Khan - Country Head, Maersk Pakistan

"At Maersk our strong focus on diversity is a natural outcome of a company with a strong talent focus, mindset and culture. This commitment to diversity goes hand in hand with a commitment to inclusion: All employees are valued and treated with respect at all times. Discrimination and harassment are not tolerated.

This creates a workplace with an open and vibrant culture – where people are free to be themselves, do their best, inspire others and realise potential for themselves and their teams."

Arslan Khan
Country Head, Maersk Pakistan

World-class Opportunities for High-potential Talent

Maersk is a global conglomerate with over 89,000 employees and activities in more than 130 countries. As a huge multinational, we have the scope, diversity and reach to help you make even your career dreams a reality.

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A diverse group with major activities in global trade, shipping and energy

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When you join Maersk, you will find that the world is your workplace. Whether working overseas or at home, you will feel the exhilaration, opportunity and sheer scope of our dynamic international business from day one.

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Our Values

Shaping the way we do business

Constant care

Take care of today, actively prepare for tomorrow. What it means as a core value:

  • Forward thinking, planning and execution
  • Being informed, innovative and seeking out new ideas
  • Looking for changes in the environment
Constant care


Listen, learn, share, and give space to others. What it means as a core value:

  • Showing trust and giving empowerment
  • Having an attitude of continuous learning
  • Never underestimating our competitors or other stakeholders


Our word is our bond. What it means as a core value:

  • Honesty and accountability
  • Openness about the good and the bad
  • Speaking your mind in the debate, but backing the decision

Our Employees

The right environment for the right people. What it means as a core value:

  • Attracting and retaining the right people, building the right team
  • Providing opportunities for continual development
  • Rewarding performance, promoting for potential
Our Employees

Our Name

The sum of our values: passionately striving higher. What it means as a core value:

  • The embodiment of our values
  • Passion and pride for what we do and how we do it
  • Our image in the eyes of our customers and the external world
Our Name