About HerCareer.pk
HerCareer is Pakistan's largest career community of women.

HerCareer.pk is Pakistan's largest career community of professional women seeking consult, inspiration, and the tools needed to succeed in the workplace. Our community reaches out to 345,000 women every month.

About HerCareer

Founded in October 2013, HerCareer.pk is the one and only innovative, professional online career community which specializes in providing work opportunities to Pakistani women and connecting companies to the relevant women work force.

It is the first ever online community in Pakistan which provides a common platform for companies and women to network with one another. The aim is to connect women to onsite jobs, work-from-home projects or guide them to launch their own Internet-based businesses.

The aim is to help women achieve empowerment through careers. Since the launch in 2013, we have proven ourselves to be better than the best at getting women recruited in top companies. We are the one and only company in Pakistan to do so.

Employing an invite-only model and hand screening all profiles before acceptance, HerCareer.pk only provides registered and reputed companies with the top class talent. Thus, HerCareer.pk is proud to be a trustworthy brand where every woman feels safe to share her profile and information.