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Blogging to be Successful

Today, blogging is one the most useful and valuable tools that is used by businesses to engage and interact with the rest of the world. According to a Hubspot survey, 60% of businesses gain customers through blogs. Other studies reveal a growth of 126% for their company through regular blogging. Thus, this is a platform which you can utilize to brand yourself as a successful business person, share your brand story and interact with your customers.

Here are a few guidelines to become the ultimate blogger:

If you don’t have potential graphic skills, don’t fret yourself. Start your blog site using platforms like WordPress, Hubspot and Blogger which are not only free but people-friendly as well.

What to blog about:
This is a platform where you can build and expand your brand and portray yourself as an expert on the web. Blog about what you are passionate about, current news and trends, and your company’s new products or services. Since there are thousands of bloggers out on the web, the key is to provide your followers with content that is unique, share-able and beneficial to them.  Stating your opinion and taking risks generates more followers and creates more hype. Hence take a stance, learn to take risks and be unique in what you write.

The Don’t:
Do not try to market and sell your brand in every blog post. Instead keep your posts versatile; share your views over current topics or bring in a little humor once in a while. This will automatically help promote your business and brand yourself as an experienced, professional figure.

Nobody would want to read through an e-book. You are more likely to have a higher number of viewers with a blog which is crisp and to the point. A blog length of 500 to 700 words is ideal.

Statistics reveal that the more you interact with your followers, the better. Try doing a weekly update or if you are determined, every other day. No matter what schedule you opt for, make sure you are regular and consistent with your blog posts.

Being familiar with your target audience is the first step towards successful branding and efficient marketing. There is no point of a quality blog, if your audience is not interested in reading it. Once you start blogging regularly, you can gain more insight into your followers through their comments and shares. This can help you develop a more effective blogging strategy.

Regularly commenting on other blogs is a great way to brand yourself over the web. Once you share your view over a topic, others will start recognizing you as an expert personality and hence are more likely to click through to your blog or company website. Make sure you have something unique and valuable to say, or else others will soon learn to disregard your remarks.

Marketing your Blog:
Promote your blog over Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media forums. This is will not only market your blog site but also give you something to share about on your social media accounts. Talk about killing two birds with one stone!

What’s next?
It is important to understand that your blog might not hit it off as soon you start. Be patient; it may take weeks, months or years.  However, once your blog site starts gaining popularity, you might be contacted for interviews by journalists as a professional business blogger. If your blogs are extremely popular among the masses, you can eventually earn a monthly income through them by offering memberships on your websites, or putting advertisements on your blog.

Happy blogging!


Written by HerCareer is a career community of women seeking consult, inspiration, and the tools needed to succeed in the workplace.