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Do you believe working women can become good mothers?

We have short-listed some answers to the question, “Do you believe working women can become good mothers?”

Mehr Saqib: “Working women can be the best mothers! Not only do they work outside their homes, they also handle everything inside their homes! My mothers a working woman and she has been excellent in everything she did! Cheers to all the ‘working’ mothers”

Nargis Zakiuddin Takhta: I’m a working lady. Principal in a school. My parents, my children and even my husband believes that I m trying to do my best. I have seen ladies doing nothing at all but still unable to satisfy their family. I think working mothers are more responsible than house wives.

Tahshina Mohsin: It depends upon how much time your job allows you to give to your children. My mother was a working woman but she was always able to give us enough time. Hence we never felt neglected and always felt very proud of her. Children need your time more than your money so yes job is good for supporting and contributing to the financial means of your family but it should not be at the cost of neglecting your children.

Sundas Waqas: They’re not only providing for the family, but looking after their kids and domestic chores as well. In many ways, she’s playing a better and a more constructive role than a woman who does the household only. Like almost everything, you can’t generalise this fact. Some stay -at-home mums neglect their children in a lot of ways.

Marianne Haider: It’s not one of those questions that can be answered with a simple yes or a no in my opinion. It’s much more complicated than that. Ask any working mother if she would be happy to spend more time with her kids and the answer would be a resounding YES! Similarly if you asked any stay-at-home mom if she would like to occupy herself with work other than 24/7 baby-minding and you’d probably get the same answer! Each of these women make a conscious choice whether to work or not – but both of them are great mothers ~ for the most part. Whether women work or not should not and does not have any bearing on their role as a mother. We work out of choice – we are mothers out of love! The rest is logistics!

Nimrah Hashmi: Yes they surely can…my mom is a working woman and she raised 3 strong daughters I am an entrepreneur myself and my elder sister is a professor at the University. So i believe even we will continue her legacy.

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