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More Women Than Ever Before Are Going To Universities

There was a time when indoors was the only place for women, chores were the only field of expertise for them and men were preferred for higher studies over women. With time, things have changed; women are making their presence felt. They are being given equal rights at the workplace and have much more autonomy in matters apart from house hold decisions.

Daniel Defoe in ‘The Education of Women’ wrote:

“A woman well bred and well taught, furnished with additional accomplishments of knowledge and behavior, is a creature without comparison.”

Recent statistics show an elevating percentage of women pursuing university education at a relatively higher percentage than men. Few of them are listed below:

• According to United Nations, women hold greater space in universities than men but it is not the same in the workplace later.

• Similarly, in the Middle East about two third of students in universities are women with only one third men –CNN.

• Moreover, research shows, when it comes to degrees, about 63.9% of women graduate with good results as compared to 59.9% of men being on an average grade.

• Andrew Norton, Higher Education Program Director at the Grattan Institute, reflects upon the reason for the slow transition of the statistics, ”Part of the reason for change over the last 40 or so years is that teaching and nursing, traditionally female occupations, have moved from an apprenticeship model of workforce preparation to university qualifications.”

The Chairman, Punjab University said “Women can help a country achieve its national goals if they are provided with the right skills and knowledge.”

According to Sabiha Mansoor, in an article of Daily Times; During the last decade, the HEC has invested heavily in enhancing access of school graduates to higher education.  Consequently, the number of students enrolled in higher education has doubled and currently there is gender parity in higher education institutions with female students achieving overall higher grades than male students”.

Within the past few years, a remarkable inclination has been observed among the women studying in Pakistan. According to the Annual Pakistan Education Statistics Report, AEPM, NEMIS, Islamabad, in 2009-2010 less than 50% of university enrollments included women; in the later years such as from 2012-2013 a rough estimation states 814,039 women and 1,602,477 men enrolled into the universities of Pakistan which is more than 50% than men.

Murtaza Talpur posted in a recent article published in Daily Times about the alarming state of education in Pakistan that the above statistics hold true in urban areas, rural areas still have a one out of three ratio of women who have ever entered school.

Although there has been an increased uplift in women education within universities of Pakistan, still more input is required. To get it done a large investment is required. Recently Ms. Mlambo-Ngcuka, UN women representative, said “UN women is currently looking to raise $100 million by the end of 2013″.

We at strongly believe that women empowerment in the education sector will bring about a positive results in progression of our country.

As Brigham Young said:

“You educate a man; you educate a man. You educate a woman; you educate a generation.”

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