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The Complete Guide to Building your own Web/Blog Site

Blogging today is one of the most useful tools to promote your brand or establish yourself as a successful and competent person. In order to do that, you need to set up a website where you can share content for your viewers and generate a following. You may think this is a long, daunting process, but launching your very own website or blog page has never been this easy. Follow these simple, elementary step by step instructions which will guide you through building your dream website.

Things to do:
1) Register your domain name.
2) Find a host for your domain.
3) Provide your domain website with nameserver addresses.
4) Install any blogging software.
5) Start blogging!

Register your domain name:
Your domain is the name of your website. An example is Once you have selected the domain for your blog site, you need to register and purchase it via a website. Depending on which website you choose, this can cost you a monthly or yearly amount. A reputable website to purchase is goDaddy. Check it out!

Find a host for your domain:
Hosting your website on the server allows people to find, visit and navigate through it. You can rent some space for your site on the server using any hosting website, which will cost you a monthly/yearly amount. A popular choice for a hosting website is HostGator.

Get nameservers:
Now that you have registered your domain name and hosted it on the server, you need to tell your domain where you have hosted your website. This is done through nameservers. Your hosting website will provide you with two nameserver addresses which you will need to plug in to your domain website. This is what the nameserves might look like: &

Install any blogging software:
This is the final step before you can officially start using your blogging site. Find and install a blogging platform on your domain, which will allow you to create, edit and remove pages from your website.

A very popular and user friendly blogging software is WordPress, This platform is particularly useful if you aren’t a professional coder or a graphic designer. You can choose from the various creative themes available and pick one for your website. You don’t need to worry, all themes come with instructions about to install and use them. Tweak, play around and stick with a theme that best complements your site.

Congratulations, you have successfully launched your very own website! Now that you are all set to share content here are a couple of handy tips for you to start blogging:

• Keep your blog length to a readable length. A length of 500 to 700 words is ideal.
• Update your website with blogs frequently.
• Think about what sets apart your blog from thousands of others out on the web. Provide quality, unique and sharable content for your viewers!
• Be familiar with your target audience. Think about content that they would prefer to regularly view & share with others.
• Promote & market your blog on social media forums, such as Facebook and Twitter to generate more followers.

Good luck! Feel free to ask questions via comments below.


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