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10 things to do when Monday Blues are ruining your day

The biggest question we ask ourselves on a Monday morning is, “Where did the weekend go?” Why is it that Monday mornings seem to last longer than the two day weekend? This is a psychological effect termed as the ‘Monday blues’. In plain language, it’s the feeling of annoyance at the first day of the work week.

“It contains elements of depression, tiredness, hopelessness, and a sense that work is unpleasant but unavoidable.” says Alexander Kjerulf, an international author and speaker on happiness at work.

The bigger problem is not why we feel the Monday blues but how to get rid of them. We have 10 easy tips to help you.

1) Accept it- You may think you are the only person having these bad feelings but you are not alone. Everyone around you is having them too. Just accept they exist. Your denial will not make them go away.

2) Breakfast is crucial- It doesn’t matter how much you hated getting up in the morning, it is must to have a hearty breakfast. Ignore your diet plans and enjoy a good chocolate waffle or some maple syrup laden pancakes. A happy start to the day can battle away the blues.

3) It is okay to caffeinate- Yes too much coffee is bad for you but once a week you are allowed to have more than two cups. If it cures your hangover from the party last night, it is no better than heaven itself!

4) Make plans- Just because the weekend is over doesn’t mean you cannot have any fun. Plan a movie night on Monday after work, enjoy a good dinner with friends, go shopping. Give yourself something to look forward to on Mondays.

5) Exercise- That’s what they have been telling you since school and you hate it, but it works. Even a few minutes of breathing exercises at your desk during breaks can uplift your mood and make you feel calm.

6) Don’t take stress- Make your Mondays stress free. Keep all the tedious tasks for the rest of the week. Just because it is the start of the week doesn’t mean you reach your end potential on that day too. Get organized and plan carefully.

7) Think about tomorrow- Tuesday is less than a day away. This means you can’t stop thinking about the new episode of your favorite TV show or that family favorite Tuesday lasagna. Happy thoughts like these will make you feel like Monday just whizzed past.

8) Forget the last week- Nobody remembers what you did last week. Neither should you. Monday is a fresh start. Be confident and jump over the hurdles. Prove that you are indeed the best person for the job. Be proud of your achievements.

9) Be energetic- Use all that energy that you have from the weekend. Be active and participating, not low and bored. Treat your work like a challenge that you know you will complete. Do what wakes up your inner ‘flash’.

10)Happiness is the key- Get rid of that frown and shine with that bright smile. Be happy, take joy in your work. The only one who can put you in a good mood is you. Put that to practice and stop treating work like your enemy. Enjoy your work to enjoy your life. Cherish all things good and let go of all things saddening.

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