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How to handle High Pressure Situations Gracefully

There are times when there is just too much on our plate to deal with, and the work-load is inescapable. Let’s be fair, we’ve all experienced being in high-pressure stations that stimulate stress and can be impossible to evade. These tenuous situations can take form of extra-hours at work, presentations, job interviews event hosting and so on. But we’ve got a solution for you – 6 magical tricks as to how you can tackle with these monstrous moments with grace:

1) Understand your worth
Don’t ever doubt your abilities. It’s no solution so let’s not be self-deprecating, please.  We often find ourselves feeling insecure and deeming our competition better than us. If the self esteem is low, it automatically appears in speech and behavior which could work very negatively for us. Ignore the insignificant weaknesses you possess and focus on the positive half. Especially when it comes to interviews and presentations. Go home today, and acknowledge your accomplishments, skills and abilities allowing it to reflect through your behavior instead of letting it bounce back.

2) Might sound cliché, but practice is key
If an abnormal amount of work is being thrown at you, or complex and difficult research based presentations are coming your way, take it positively and focus on how it is going to benefit you in the long-run. More practice more proficiency.  It is always profitable to over-prepare oneself. Additional knowledge is downright positive and incites confidence which in sequence, compensates for the nervousness caused by the excess of pressure.

3) Hide all that sweat!
Over-exhaustion and high stress levels multiply the amount of sweat the body is producing. Admittedly, we have little or no control over that bit, but what we can do is try not to display it. It’s almost natural to feel intimated, but it’s suggested to do everything your control to hide the excessive amount of fear that is instigated by these stressful situations.. Don’t let your competitor’s repugnance or the criticism generated by the audience, influence you adversely.  Put on a front and play cool!

4) Don’t lose focus, know your goals
This area is inclusive of two key factors.

-Prioritize:  concentrate more on the tasks that demand immediate attention and are directly leading to the achievement of your personal goals. Some tasks are of secondary importance, work on them later.

-Efficiency: use effective techniques to maximize productivity. Organize your work and take up on the one-thing-at-a-time approach, it helps diminish pressure levels and enhances efficiency.

5) Accept failure
Understand that we are not machines, and perfectionism does not exist in literal terms. Undoubtedly, the term failure itself connotes bleakness, and it is the always the bitter truth that often locks us into the dreary confines of self-hate and blame. But as the cliché suggests, we only fall so we can learn to pick ourselves up; failure is an essential element of success. Things will not always work your way, acquire the flexibility to achieve whatever you can but stressing over things that are beyond your control will only give root to pessimism. Accept failure, and focus on how to overcome it rather than living in regret.

6) Accommodate a healthy lifestyle
The last but not the least, focus on cultivating a healthy lifestyle a in terms of managing stressful situations. This includes:

-considerable amount of sleep

-a healthy diet

-work out

These are the vital element for stress management and graceful dealing.

Pay heed, and you are guaranteed to experience excellent results and tremendous improvement! These pointers will breed confidence within you and result in self acceptance and graceful dealing of monstrous situations.

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