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The Young Freelancer

While a professional career may be the next step after your undergraduate degree, there is no better time than today to start a freelance career and step into the business world. With the number of internet users increasing day by day, more and more freelancers are required. Today the modern, competitive world demands fierce, independent and competent individuals ready to leap into creative ventures. It is not just about getting the fancy degree for the fancy corporate job. Rather, it’s about jumping into various endeavors, creating new experiences and building yourself. And freelancing may be the very first step.

Here are a couple of reasons for you to start thinking about freelancing your way through an undergraduate degree:

  • Builds your CV
  • Hones your skills and expertise
  • Gives you an edge over other students
  • Gives you a flavor of the corporate world
  • Prepares you for the professional career that lies ahead
  • Gives you the comfort of working from your couch
  • It might be your gateway to being an entrepreneur in the future.
  • An extra amount of money in your pocket wouldn’t hurt now, would it?

What to do:
You might be stressing over what you would actually be doing for your freelance work. However, the opportunities are endless. There is everything from copywriting and programming to  being hired as a virtual personal assistant. Think about your skills or hobbies. Do you love photography or maybe you have a knack for Photoshop? Consider being a freelance photographer or graphic designer! It is an extra plus point if your freelance work is related to your major. For example if you are majoring in Computer Science, you could start your freelance career by building simple HTML websites and then slowly leap into other ventures. Imagine the amount of fierce learning, the skills you would develop and the vast experience you would gain.

How to do:
You don’t need corporate contacts to get your hands on some quality freelance work. All you need is a strong profile on any online freelance website, there are a bunch of websites out on the web.  Typically, somebody will post a freelance job on the website and interested freelancers bid for it. The hirer then selects a candidate from all proposals.

Completing your profile is the first step towards a great catch. Think about the situation from the hirers’ shoes. He/she would like to select the best candidate capable for the job. Your job is to help the hirer make an informed decision: Make sure your profile stands out in the crowd!

  • This is what your profile picture should say: I’m friendly, reliable & competent. Hire me!
  • Provide your education & and work background.
  • Sell your skills. The hirer would like to know how capable you are.
  • After successfully completing a project, get your hirer to write a good word or two about your work. This will polish your profile and attract other hirers.

Managing Time:
Although, the ideal time to freelance is during your undergraduate degree, it may get hectic down the road.  Remember, acquiring a degree is your ultimate priority. Don’t get too much on your plate and learn to effectively manage your time between studies and work.

Now that you are all set to freelance, lets’ take some action! With more and more women in demand in the corporate sector, the number of jobs in Pakistan for women is on the rise. It is time to kick start your professional career as a freelancer while still in college.
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