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Making Offices ‘Women Friendly’

In this world of diversity, women are now preferred with equal anticipation as men, for multiple job roles. For many, they are also preferred over men, given their persuasion-skill dexterity, social sensitivity, conversation-tone and sex appeal which believe it or not, does play a minor role in expanding clientele. Although, they do require certain aspects to be entertained in terms of ‘fair play’ and equal treatment in order to feel comfortable enough and produce efficient results.

Here are some tips as to how a firm may be able to achieve the level of satisfaction women look for within the work-place environment.

Firstly, the companies should take up on an approach where each employee is already made aware of the consequences of indulging in immoral acts with female colleagues. Such as, sexual harassment, inappropriate behavior, disrespect, tacky jokes and holding personal grudges and purposely disapproving of a female employee on the pretext of poor-work-performance, which may not be the case, but a reaction rather, to not having received positive responses to casual flirting from women.

Once every staff member is made aware of the consequences, they would be cautious and women would feel comfortable and motivated to work in that particular firm.
The availability of a nurse at all times. This is a unique and an excellent idea employed by only a handful of firms, P&G being one of them. This access to a nurse within the work-place along with the benefit of health insurance could be a strong motivation.

Employees should be allowed the leverage to complete their working hours and all tasks assigned to them within the deadlines but to their convenience. Women have other priorities, especially when they have a family to look after. They find it difficult to evade family commitments and should be allowed flex-time and given the option to switch days as long as they’re completing their hours and finishing the work on time. The idea of having the ability to make their own schedule is very helpful.

Another factor could be the firm’s idea of collaboration and external partnerships which should be restricted to companies that are women-friendly. Here we are typically referring to advertisement agencies , raw material suppliers etc. Be selective as to what other company you are associated with, whether they are female-friendly or is there a discrimination element present. The simplest way is to choose the firms with the best record for a positive work-environment and competitive pricing. This also provokes other firms to adapt a women-friendly environment within their firm, and is indirectly encouraging.

The final factor is to dispel any sense of unequal treatment and sexism present in the firm. Women feel targeted and de-motivated and eventually discontinue working as they start to feel the discriminatory attitude. Therefore, they should be granted and offered significant positions as leaders in the management department. They should be encouraged to focus on their career and work towards success and high position job-roles.

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Written by HerCareer is a career community of women seeking consult, inspiration, and the tools needed to succeed in the workplace.