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Tips for Hiring Women For Technical Roles

Why should women be hired in the first place? Why would a firm prefer diversity in the first place? Men have been doing a wonderful job for decades; that does not have to change, does it? But let’s attempt to disagree here. Undoubtedly the corporate world focuses more on hiring men, but it cannot be denied that women equally contribute to world’s population. Most of which are likely to be half of the clientele or target market for multiple firms. Which is why, hiring women could be tremendously beneficial for a company. It contributes to a stronger, more diverse workforce and brings in different opinions and ideas from a feminine point of view. This results in an improved performance overall.

Universities and institutions that specialize in technical education don’t complain about having more men than women receiving the degrees. There is an equal number of male and female applicants and students in universities, be it bio-technology, engineering, information technology, software programming etc. The point is that they are not technologically underdeveloped. The main step is to get them hired; the next step is ‘how’? Don’t worry, we have the answer!

The most important tool is to find the write medium to advertise your job openings for women, in terms of technical roles. An appropriate network has to be used to achieve desired results. Motivating other female workers to spread the word in social gatherings and be resourceful in getting more women to be hired for tech-roles is a good idea. Job openings should be advertised on women-based social networking sites to ensure more female-applicants.

The advertisements have to be encouraging and friendly so women really feel that their technological education would be acknowledged and made to be useful and deemed beneficial by the firm. The dirty secret is, ads have to be welcoming, and all women crave attention and appreciation!

Don’t be too specific and make sure words like ‘expert’, ‘professional’, ‘ highly experienced’ and ‘excel’ are avoided for most women don’t consider themselves to fall into those categories as it has been shaped differently by society. Also, when creating advertisements for job openings, male stereotypes should not be used either. It’s usually de-motivating and as a result, women don’t feel adequate for the job having read these stereotypes that are male-oriented. The firm should instead focus on zero discrimination and the basic criteria and requirements in terms of technical education or skill. It evokes a sense of importance and females are automatically drawn towards the job.

Multiple firms and successful names in the corporate sector have women working for them on executive positions. This particular fact should be acknowledged and added to the firm’s goals in relation to diversity and its benefits when the company’s performance reviews are being written and published. It spreads awareness and motivates women to opt for these firms and technical roles when diversity is concerned.

One crucial and effective factor could be to have your company’s name associated with other institutions, colleges training departments and skill learning centers that are related to technical education and programming. Collaboration is important and has multiple benefits! This way, cohesiveness could be enhanced and the firm could arrange collaborated events meetings and seminars which would allow extra social networking.

Pay heed and these factors could be very effective allowing you to be able to hire more women for technical roles. You know they could be great! Register with to find numerable technically competent women applicants for your company.


Written by HerCareer is a career community of women seeking consult, inspiration, and the tools needed to succeed in the workplace.