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How to attract and hire more women

Why should a company hire women in the first place? We live in a world of diversity therefore it is important for a firm to realize how resourceful it could be to hire women. Once a company has acknowledged this fact, the next step is to adapt ways to attract more women to work for a firm, and inherit hiring techniques which would allow women to willingly opt for your company!

Below are some tips to help you accomplish the magnetic power that pulls women in.

1.) Usage of language and workplace setting that would magnetically attract women
When job advertisements are being made, use of women-friendly punch lines help tremendously. They are automatically drawn towards firms that emphasize on friendly work-setting and an easy-going environment. Also, women are especially in search of firms that place a considerable amount of importance on the ‘respect’ factor. They strongly consider the idea of employees being treated with a high level of respect and dignity to make sure they are not taken advantage of, or pushed around for that matter.

Accommodating a little detail about the culture of the firm could also help the case, provided it’s centralized around factors that would intrigue the ladies. For instance, the creative departments, consideration of the idea of all employees (remember, women adore it when they’re heard and listened to). Also take care to mention the fund raising or social events held by the company. Women are enhanced, when it comes to grand social affairs and networking, where they could get to socialize as well. And they hands down enjoy a comfortable environment; take care to promote the level of comfort the employees are likely to enjoy.

Another helpful technique would be to make your job advertisements less specific, that way women may believe they’re also wanted and there is no level of discrimination present whatsoever.

2) Adoption of imaginative techniques; think outside the box
Perhaps you are not too pleased with the handful amount of responses you received by women, for the job. And the results aren’t quite satisfying. But don’t worry, there’s a strong chance you faltered somewhere and that could be corrected easily. The first step in the process would be to know whether you’re using the right medium for the exchange of information or are the ads are being posted in newspapers and sites women don’t even bother paying attention to. To eliminate this risk, make sure to post the ads and information on female-only based boards and sites that are frequently visited by women only. This would greatly help.

To further help this idea, offer incentives for women to join this particular board. Offer free courses and side-by side education scholarships and training to women who opt for the job. However, questions could be raised as to why the firm is offering these benefits for women only, and not for men. In that case, have reasons to justify this discrimination. Another key factor would be to allow maternity leave and to mention it when advertising.

Another factor is to avoid promoting the amount of pool tables, gaming sections etc you have in the office place. It will definitely attract men, but women would be led to believe it’s a rather men-oriented workplace and it may not seem to be very welcoming for them.

3.) Benefits for women (the ability to work from home, switch timings etc)
This could be a crucial factor; most women prefer home-based jobs and personal leaves for personal reasons. To allow this could instantly attract many women to apply for your firm. They have a family to look after, in most cases and find it difficult to divide time equally. This is why a little leverage is always a wonderful idea.

They could also be allowed to switch timings if they’re working half time, being allowed to exchange shifts with other employees depending on what time may be convenient to them. Generous holiday leaves are also bound to be very helpful, with assistance from reduced pay in exchange for extra holidays to attend the family or personal commitments.

The 3 factors stated above will definitely attract more women to work for a firm, and be resourceful. It’s true they may be demanding and extra benefits have to be provided sometimes. But it’s always worth the effort. Adapt these few ideas and notice the results for yourself.

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