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Project management techniques for freelancers

Listed below, are five very important and very effective techniques freelancers should use if they wish to achieve efficient results. Pay heed and you’re set to go!

Mind Mapping:
It is one of the most essential weapons a project manager can have in his arsenal. The ability to mind map will not only, severely decrease your time constraint, but it will also ensure the periodicity and the excellence of the work.

The second you get your assignment/project/article, forget everyone, make a circle, write the topic within that circle and add bullets of everything you can relate that particular topic with. Not only will you save valuable time but you will also come up with exemplary ideas in the beginning, middle and the end of the project.

Quality control:
Now the term “Quality Control” sounds out of context in this scenario, but it does wonders. Whatever you do must be of top notch quality. Top notch quality not for the reader, but for the writer. If you’ve completed the assignment, and you don’t feel fully satisfied with your result, RESTART.

Proper grammar, proper context, and a good vocabulary are essential for quality control of your work. Whatever you write, should be written in such a way that you cannot imagine, even in a hypothetical situation present in a parallel universe, could be written better by you. Once you come to terms with that, opportunities will roll in. Be careful not to overestimate yourself in the process and let your excessive confidence take you down.

Personal management:
As a freelancer, you might be engaged in more than one job and managing your way through all the deadlines is indeed a rigorous task. Keeping yourself properly scheduled and timing your work may help in division of time efficiently so that you are prepared and able to cater to everything at a predefined time.

Also, minor things like social networking sites and clustered workplace can become huge desk distractions. People working from home mostly face difficulties with concentration as finding a proper workplace at home is very difficult. Make sure all these issues are handled so that you can give your best to your work without the prolonged breaks caused by interference.

Little things make a huge difference:
Overlooking minuscule details in your work? How do expect the other to believe you have done a good job? Tiny details which hold no importance in the workers eyes may make a huge difference to the judge. If it says 19.5, ensure its 19.5 and not 20.

These small things are the factors which separate you from the general masses. Each and every aspect must be scrutinized and focused upon completely so that the judge has absolutely no reason whatsoever to demean your work. Maybe he/she might not even notice, but what if they do? No point in crying over spilt milk, is there?

This is probably the most sensitive topic to discuss seeing how not everyone is open to it. But it can easily be labeled “the most important factor in “self-improvement”.

Look in the past. Look at your mistakes, not everyone fixes them. Talk to people and find the flaws that you generally make and fix them. Don’t become aggressive if you’re insulted. Become such that no one finds a reason to insult you. Do such work that no one can do anything but marvel at your mental capacity! Because what doesn’t kill you; only makes you stronger!

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