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5 steps to be more organized at work

Organizing is a journey, not a destination. Being organized will help you progress and be more efficient. It is not what your job requires of you but it is what you require to do with your job.

Stop pulling you hair when everything is a mess- you may not have any left one day! Take a deep breath and give thought to some organizing. It may not be as hard as you think. In fact, it will actually make you feel a lot more relaxed.

Following are 5 easy steps to follow and viola! Your work is organized.

1- Make a routine. Make a system that works for yourself. Set your priorities and follow them. It may be better to use apps on your phone to keep a track of lists and notes.

Decide the first thing you have to do when you get to work and plan accordingly till the end of the day. Set up flexible but routine timings for tasks such as meetings and important calls.

2-Put your email calendar to use. The calendar on your email account is there to be used. Mark all events and plans. Set reminders for routine tasks and try to put this calendar to maximum use.

The one thing you will use most in any workplace is your email. Why not use that fact to devise an efficient tracking system for yourself? Once you start doing this, you will realize what a lifesaver this planner calendar on your email is.

3- Make a to-do list. You may choose to go the old fashioned way and make a list on paper or use some fancy web app. But the point is to keep a record of all your work so you do not forget. When you cross off tasks after completing them, you will know how much you have accomplished from what you had to.

Organize the list by color-coding according to subject or priority. The list doesn’t have to be high tech. It should just work for you.

4. Don’t keep your emails messy. With power comes responsibility. The higher you move up the career ladder, the more emails you will get. Some will be more important than others. Flag the important ones. Keep your inbox divided into folders that will give you easy access to whatever type of email you may need at any given time.

Most email services allow all your emails to be directed towards one account. This will save you time from switching email accounts to check emails. It is generally assumed that you will reply to almost all the emails. Try to fix a time in your schedule for doing that.

5- Make your workplace you-friendly. Messy desks are a horror. You will never find anything when you need it. Keep your work space clean. This will not only aid your work but will also help you feel less panicky and annoyed. An unclean desk is a sign that you are not in control of your work and makes you feel disoriented.

If you keep your actual work space space clean and your virtual one organized it will help you stay focused and on-task at work. Want to be on top of your tasks and perform excellently? Organizing is the answer.

Using these tips, you will see that organization is not as hard as you thought it would be.

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