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How to use the power of LinkedIn

Undoubtedly, there are multiple social networking websites and forums, and numerous more emerging given how popular they’ve proven to be amongst people. However, LinkedIn has to be the best when it comes to business opportunities considering many business oriented people have joined this particular network.

The main idea of LinkedIn is to connect people, colleagues, business acquaintances etc and provide a base for firms to collaborate and increase the clientele by building a ‘power’ network. But wait a minute, don’t think it’s a piece of cake and you can do it with a blink of an eye.

Listed below are the seven steps you can follow in order to achieve the expected results and make connections to expand your business working towards success.

1.) Profile picture
Keep updating your profile picture. This is effective and allows you to achieve a better ranking when you are being looked up on LinkedIn by other members.

2.) Join the groups you’re targeting at
This is probably the most important factor. Joining targeted groups provides excellent connection opportunities with the parties or people that are genuinely interested in professionally benefiting from you on LinkedIn in terms of business prospects and expansion.

3.) Focus on the headline
The headline has to be precise and to the point. No rubbish please. It should contain the primary feature, or the USP (Unique Selling Point), rather. Not to mention it has to draw attention! Tell people who you exactly are, what you’re offering and what exactly you’re in search of, using a few key words. It cannot be monotonous and dull. Your point should be crystal clear and people should understand exactly what’s required and provided.

4.) Mention your past college and work experience
Perhaps, an old college buddy or a previous work-place college is searching for you on LinkedIn. This allows them to easily find you. Take time to list down your entire educational background and work experience detail including your current position and names of firm associations to increase connections and get in touch with old friends and colleagues.

5.) Create targeted groups
Create a targeted audience group. What you’re targeting at or what your product is targeting at. This will allow easy connections with people that are specifically looking for information regarding your line of work, your product and firm. It allows more business opportunities and expansion of market share since customers are likely to increase depending on how strong your profile is.

6.) Mention and bring the recommendations
This is the most crucial and benefiting element when connections are concerned on LinkedIn. It shapes the profile and makes it look a lot more rich and interesting. It also contributes to increasing your credibility and allows more people to approach you. Your skills endorsements recommendations and achievements should me mentioned for useful people who may be trying to reach out to you. Make some phone calls and start getting the recommendations for LinkedIn!

7.) Send out invitations
This pointer always helps with connections tremendously. Send in personal requests to people asking them to join LinkedIn. Mention the advantages of using LinkedIn, a power network and how it could be extremely beneficial for every entrepreneur. Maybe their contacts can prove to be opportunities for you.

At the moment, LinkedIn is at the top of its kind of sites and has served as a huge portal filled with opportunities for many! You can become one of those people who reach their opportunities by following these simple yet vital tips.





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