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Tips for handling more than one job

Of course, the most popular reason for opting to do more than one job is to make money. Sometimes, you want to increase your savings and earn a little more money than your pay cheque. Some may do it because they are free or they actually enjoy it. And last but not the least; some may start their own projects alongside a proper job to be their own boss.  You’ll always come across people in life who are juggling with more than one job.

Handling two jobs at the same time is not always fun, but it’s necessary. You need to be aware that there are certain conditions that you have to deal with in order to be successful not only in one but two careers. Therefore, some of the considerations mentioned below can help you manage multiple jobs.

It’s important to stay sane
It is possible that your manager may ask you to spend extra hours on work. Don’t panic! It tends to happen in every job. You may get frustrated because it might be impossible for you balance your time simultaneously between work and home. Stay sane, and tackle the situation, spend extra hours efficiently and impress your boss altogether. There are other jobs out there and you can’t lose your main source of income over something like that.

Managing your time
Make sure that the time of your two jobs never overlaps. Give yourself a good one or two hour long break and work with a fresh mind. Without taking sufficient breaks in between, you will become tired and your concentration span will decrease. Set timings for each job and try to complete your tasks within that time so you get time for yourself.

Set timing with the HR department which is suitable for you to work productively.

Planning is the key
The only way to properly deal with multiple jobs is to properly plan your actions for the day. That means you know where you’ll be and what you’re doing at a specific time. Schedule the day ahead, organize it so that it does not become difficult to manage. Do the work as per schedule so that you keep a track of everything. This way you’ll avoid messing up your work.

Prioritize and delegate your responsibilities
Balancing two jobs means heavy work load. To meet deadlines, you’ll find yourself skipping meals, neglecting children and taking care of other responsibilities. To lighten the load of your tasks, hire somebody who can look after your children and cook meals for you. If possible, then ask a close family member or a friend to help you wrap up the assignments.

Make sure to keep in touch with friends and family
Handling multiple jobs doesn’t mean you neglect your social commitments. Always leave room for spending time with friends and family to keep your mind at peace. Try to meet with friends or make phone calls during quick lunch breaks or during a commute, for instance.

Not everyone has the mental and physical strength to deal with two or more jobs. Just make sure that you cover the basics and properly plan your actions and day-offs to avoid exhaustion. For someone who is interested in learning a little bit about everything, working different jobs can prove to be beneficial for them.

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