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Social media profile- the latest way to get a job

Want the job? Now it can be done without going to an interview looking all smart and gorgeous hoping to fool the employers. What’s the catch? Your social media profile. Chances are, the company you are applying to has probably already seen your frustrated Facebook statuses, your emotional tweets and your decently framed LinkedIn resume.

What is more amazing (for them) or sad (for you) is that they have already narrowed down their list of potential candidates based on social media profiles. Today many companies hire professionals or groups of professionals to help them stream the applications on the basis of the candidate’s social profiles. Remember when universities started doing that and everyone was embarrassed? Imagine how it would feel if the person who wants to hire you has seen all those things that go up on your social media timelines.

So here is what you must keep in mind:

Social media can harm you…
You might have the perfect qualifications or the experience needed for the job but if your Facebook profile suggests your affiliation with substance abuse than no way in world would they even give you an interview to charm your way into the job and turn over a new leaf. A bad impression is what kills your job opportunity.

BUT there is always the bright side!
You can portray yourself as the person the employers want to hire. Your LinkedIn cover letter and details can make you look like the right person for the job and you will not have to worry about your awkward sweat breakouts that take place during an in-person evaluation.

If you are not sure, DON’T post it
The hate filled emotions for your previous job, the anti company campaigns you led; they do not get to make their way in any form to your social media profile. Keep your profiles decent and clean. If you would be ashamed to run it in the 9 o’clock news headlines, it has no business on your profile either.

Remember your privacy rights
If a company is asking for your password, you are not supposed to hand it to them just because they are considering you for a badly needed job. This is a clear violation of privacy and they must have a legal reason to do. Make you sure inquire about that before being naïve.

Companies like this technique
So suppose you are a company hiring some 50 new employees each year. Instead of wasting time and effort in actually using a traditional recruiting process, why not just use social media? Less financial and time burden, more thoroughly checked employees and a quicker process over all. It has no downs, only ups.

The bottom line
People need jobs and companies need people. The smartest way to reach there is to use social media. Job applicants must keep their social media slate clean, their privacy checked and their originality intact. Employers must be thorough, smart and within their boundaries. And that is the recipe to the perfect recruiting process.

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