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The working mother’s time management guide

Stuck between the stress at work and home? Tired of struggling with both? Want to leave it all and have a spa weekend? Too bad that is not the answer to your time management problems. Which is why here are 10 tips to make you manage your time like a pro.

1-Plan, plan and plan
Your boss will not let you do what you want, when you want it. The best way to deal with that is to make a plan and show it to your boss. Be open about the time you will put in and how you will manage unannounced breaks. Make a visual plan of how much you will achieve in what time. This will make your work routine flexible to your convenience.

2- Ask for flexible work hours
With modern technology it is absolutely okay to be at work even when you are not physically present. Ask to be allowed to put in a few hours every day from outside office. That will give you more time at home.

3-Split the workload
Most companies now believe that having a 6 day running office is more heavy on their budget as compared to having employees working from home a few days a week. Schedule only actual meetings at the office and stay home to work on a few days a week too.

4-Meet deadlines
Nothing annoys the boss more than an ignored deadline. Be punctual with all your work and make submissions on time. Also keep an open communication line with your employer.

5-Make a childcare plan
No miracle will stop your kids from needing you while they are at daycare and you are at work. Instead of worrying over their fever or any other sickness, have a childcare plan in place. This will not take away your focus from work while ensuring that your child does well.

6-Avoid traffic
Nothing is more exhausting than getting stuck in traffic on your way to and from work. Avoid travelling in peak traffic hours. Instead spend this time by being productive and getting some work done.

7-Find a workplace near home
Working at home is next to impossible with all the distractions. If you are working from home, find a place near your home like a library where you can go and put in uninterrupted hours of work.

8- Reduce business travelling
This might be a relief to the company because it will save many costs. Try to conduct meeting over video conferences and Skype, Ovoo etc. Moreover you will not have to deal with days away from home and no time will be wasted during long flights etc.

9-Get organized
Manage your work events and plans on a calendar and put reminders on your phone. Get your home tasks done before hand. This tried and tested technique of simple organization will make your life a lot more easy.

10- Prioritize
You cannot control what will happen on any day. You will eventually have to neglect a few things at home. Instead of feeling guilty over it, focus on completing your work quickly so you can go home and have some family time to make up for your absence. The best place where working mothers can find the perfect jobs. Join now and change your life for the better.


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