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Women in Corporate Pakistan

According to the World Bank Statistics, Pakistan is one of the bottom 10 countries with regards to the participation of women in the workplace.

Engage Consulting launched the first ever gender diversity study in Pakistan, Women@Work, which aimed to discover some useful insights about the corporate women in Pakistan. A total of 1000 female employees from leading companies and 15 female senior managers participated in the study.

But what is the advantage of having women in the workplace? Numerous studies have proven that companies that hire more women in leadership positions have improved company performance, better corporate governance and response to the market. Here are some of the major plus points that a woman may offer to a company, significantly boosting their performance and success:

• 8% more energized to go the extra mile than their men counterparts.
• 7% more likely to stick with their current organization.
• 10% more female employees would recommend their friends to work in their organization.

There is no denying it: Women are proven to more dynamic, productive, and act as loyal employees to their company than men. Despite the huge competitive advantage that women present, the corporate world is still largely male dominant. Only 10% of the employees are female, working in leading companies of Pakistan. Even more shocking and disappointing is the fact that a mere 4% of top executives in Pakistan are women. Women in Pakistan definitely have a long, hard journey ahead of them.

The typical woman of Pakistan is faced with numerous challenges while struggling to be a notable member of the corporate world. Be it family responsibilities or societal matters, her career journey is filled with barriers, hindering her success and growth. The results of the study discovered that in order for working women to thrive at work, they require support from their family, a safe working environment, balance between their work and personal responsibilities and gender equality from their senior employees.

With time, more and more leading Pakistani companies are acknowledging the female advantage in the workplace and the need for a more balanced working environment. However the various organizations of Pakistan still have a long way to go in order to fulfill the requirements of the working women of Pakistan. Females participants in the study were asked to rate their companies on the basis of various factors such as flexible work timings and treatment from senior employees.

  • 40% of women employees feel that they are unable to keep a balance in their work and personal commitments due to lack of flexible timings or a work from home alternative.
  • More than half of the females feel that their CEO or senior team does not realize their true potential in the job market.
  • Only 40% had the opportunity to work from home.
  • 60% of women indicate that there is little support from their company to transition back to work after a maternity leave, in addition to no child care facilities available.

The challenge for organizations is to acknowledge the competitive advantage that females bring to the workplace and in turn encourage and enhance female participation. The Pakistani society requires a woman to prioritize her family commitments before her work. Hence to support and encourage female involvement, companies should offer flexible work timings, a work from home advantage and constant support during maternity leaves.

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