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Working at a startup 101

Startups are the new ‘in’ thing. Everyone is either starting one, thinking of doing so or working at one. Because they are new and super modern, not everyone can work for them. But if you are one of those who can, following are a few things you need to ponder over.

Why work at a startup?
If you find yourself stuck in monotonous work all year and are dying for something new and exciting, a startup will offer you all that. It is one of the best places to work for in order to let your creativity flow. You will have your fingers in all sorts of projects. Everyday will be a new challenge with a lot more to learn and offer. It may not be your expertise but soon it will turn into one.

Apart from that, it is one of the most fun places to work. Most people actually agree with that. It may not be a stroll in the park but it will be definitely be an experience worth trying. Another advantage is that startups are smaller companies, which means that the hierarchical structure is less rigid and there is open interaction with the top management itself.

How to find the right startup to work for?
So you are all set to work for a startup but how do you know which one is the best for you to start with? It definitely has to be the one where you find yourself most content and excited. Believe in a company whose mission and product appeals most to you.

You might not get the benefits and the salary you want but think of what you will get instead – an environment that will make you strive and be a better professional. Choose a company which ensures you are surrounded by people who bring out the best in you, people you want to see every day, people you want to brainstorm with and people who generally make you enjoy your work. Remember that you cannot just blindly close your eyes and pick a startup to work for. The safest choice will be to go with the one which has people like you. That will make you feel right in the zone.

What to do when you are at a startup?
Startups are ever changing. There will be ups and downs, celebrations and losses. Be ready for them. Don’t bail out on your employer when push comes to shove. You have to be open minded about the work you do. It will not be routine tasks. You will have to do something different every other week. The best way is to be happy about that.

Flexibility is also the key. Once you learn how to be flexible at work, you will appreciate the opportunities you will be offered. At a startup, you will never have one job at a time. It is all about helping in everything that needs work. A startup works like a family. Everyone is a major contributor. Consider yourself as an owner of the startup. To establish yourself at a startup, you need to get comfortable with taking risks, and sometimes that means to just go for it. Be an active part of the startup and that is all you need to establish a firm footing in the company.

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