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Interesting ways to keep yourself busy while unemployed

Initially when you graduate from university, you tend to enjoy the freedom. With no tension of submitting assignments, or pressure of exams, you just want to sit and relax. But as time passes, you see your friends employed, you get frustrated and complain that they don’t give you enough time. It really is a very disappointing feeling.

Since you will find yourself alone, you will see yourself struggling and will come across tonnes of opportunities to learn and grow. That’s the time when you explore yourself, imagine yourself in your dream job and expand your social networking.

Try figuring out how to occupy yourself in something productive so that your resume doesn’t put off the recruiter by showing that you have been unemployed for quite a while.

Fret no more; here are some interesting ways to keep you busy while you’re still unemployed.

Take a temporary contract or assignment
This is a very smart way to get people to see your work! Volunteer to help your siblings, relatives or friends with their projects. Always be willing to accept any work that you can handle easily. Suggest your friends to hire you temporarily to complete a certain assignment when work becomes impossible for them.

Start bloggingblogs
A survey carried out by CareerBuilder concluded that 11 percent of the surveyed employers said a professional blog can be a good way to market yourself to employers. Why? You get people to see you as an expert in your field.

It will help you develop friendships, make you feel good and add new skills to your CV. It shows that you are passionate about something and care about helping others—and it demonstrates that money isn’t the most important thing to you. It is a good platform to meet new people and demonstrate your skills. You never know, the organization that you volunteered for might offer you a job.

Start your own business
The beauty of having your own business is that you can work part-time or full-time depending on whether or not you are able to land a job working for someone else. You are also going to learn skills that are transferable if you do end up working for someone else again.

Make connections
Establish strong personal relations with people through social media. Let your friends and your family know that you are looking for a job because they might help you if they see any next job opening. Follow important people on Twitter, approach them, display your work, and post links to make it easy for them to see your work.

Keep researching  Job online
Use the internet to come up with some creative ideas. You need to know as much as you can about the employer, job and job sector you are applying for. This detailed research into the role greatly impresses selectors and gives them confidence that you have real motivation and understanding of what you will be doing. Also in the course of your research you will surely discover recruiters and new people full of talent.

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