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An ultimate guide to fitness for busy women

Whether you are a busy mom or a career woman, keeping yourself fit is very important for you. It’s understandable that every woman has a happening life. Dealing with kids and husband at home and further surviving with crucial work in office can be very hectic.

Dark circles, weight loss, headaches, fever, are all signs that you are stressed out. Take some time off from work and exercise in order to keep yourself right on track. Studies have suggested that small doses of regular exercise—10 to 20 minutes at a time—can result in temporary mood improvement or anxiety reduction.

Here’s a fitness guide for a busy woman like you:

Workout in the morning
Especially when you take time off from work, your evening slots seem to be really busy. You know don’t want to go in a sweaty condition right after gyming.

Also, your chances of getting distracted are way lower first thing in the morning. Think about it: it’s a lot easier to focus on your workout when no one is emailing or texting you every five seconds.

“I work out first thing after I wake up. Before I even start to think about my shopping list, I am getting dressed to go to the gym or out for a jog in my neighborhood. By making myself the first point of business to take care of, I don’t have to go through the day telling myself that I will work out, knowing all too well that I’m going to get too busy or forget.” – Shawntel White, 26, Atlanta (Redbook Mag).

Exercise at your desk Exercise at desk
Is work keeping you so busy that you’re chained to your desk? Don’t worry, even then there are many ways to exercise while sitting in your chair. It will give you a break from work and a quick workout will freshen you up and reduce stress.

Get creative
Don’t use “lack of time” as an excuse not to exercise. You surely can take out 10-12 minutes from the entire day. So involve your kids into it. Break your workout into shorter segments throughout the day. You can use time for instance, at your child’s soccer practice to get in a workout.

Schedule your workouts
Make it a priority! If you can get time to watch your favorite show on TV, then why can’t you get time for a quick workout session? Utilize the time between the commercial and the show to exercise. Or if not that, then obviously you can take out extra 2 minutes to walk after having a meal.

Get help from your friends
Approximately once a week, take out time and invite friends over for a workout party. At least it will keep you motivated and will be something to look forward to every week.  Be it weekends or sometime after work, gather your friends at one place and make the workout session a fun party. After exercising, hang out to re-energize yourself.

friends aerobics

Try incorporating these simple tips into your day this holiday season, and you will be surprised how the extra ten minutes of movement and exercise will help you feel better and keep your metabolism active.

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