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Pakistan is progressing in the world of ecommerce. We now have an array of online shopping stores and pages on social media sites that are doing good business. But what to do if you are new to it all? Don’t worry and let be your savior.Untitled

Take out a few minutes and read these simple yet life-changing guide lines:

– Decide what you can and want to make. Goods made at home have a great value in the market. But it also has to be something you like to make. There are no restrictions. Your business can be of something you can cook, bake, create or write. Examples are the home made gift baskets that can make your loved ones appreciate your gifts even more or jewelry crafting that most Pakistani women excel at.

– Once you have decided your line of business, calculate how much time you can give it. It is always better to work with a partner or friend so that the workload is divided. Remember to give your home and social life equal importance as your work in order to have a settled environment to work in. Also have back up plans put in place in case of emergencies.

– Most important is the fact that you should believe in yourself and never forget that you can do it all! If you have decided to take an initiative, stick with it and make it work for you. Remember that success needs a little hard work.

-The biggest problem you will face is finding customers for your goods. Not many people are marketing specialists and thus it becomes hard to get people to know about your product and to show interest in it. That is when will help you the most.

We at can help you in ways you cannot even imagine. Joining hands with us will guarantee that your products are properly advertised and you get a boost from an organization which has links to many important companies and franchises all over the country.

So don’t hold back thinking it is impossible because it is not! Email us on or drop us a message at on Facebook. We will help you for sure!

Hufsa Rizwan

Written by Hufsa Rizwan