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A successful career demands individuals that are accustomed to a smooth balance between studies and extracurricular activities as it teaches effective management, efficiency and versatility. This especially applies for career oriented women in Pakistan who suffer tough competition with regard to work and jobs given how they face serious glass ceilings!

Undoubtedly, high school or university can become terribly exhausting and frustrating, and accommodating extra curricular in an already tedious and conscientious schedule alongside may not be the easiest of tasks. Besides, not everybody always follow their academic choices; some people end up having a rather lucrative career in sports, fashion and other fields of arts drama.

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Need a good example? Well, Walt Disney never completed a degree. More than academics he valued creative intelligence. And it goes without saying; he made a ridiculously significant career out of that element of creativity. But let us not digress! Listed below are some excellent tips as to how you can find balance between studies and extra circular activities in the best way possible.

  • Learn to prioritize:
    This is by far the most essential element in regard to maintaining a balance, and doing it effectively. You must develop the habit of making a weekly schedule, and following it religiously. This schedule has to be made in an organized manner, where you must first recognize the importance of each task and activity in your mind. The order of priority is simple, and there are three steps to it: The highest priority has to be given to academic tasks and assignments. Always remember, your education will take you further than anything else. After academics, come the extra curricular activities that are almost as equally as important, even though it may not always seem so. The third task to be accommodated into the schedule are your social commitments and friends. This area comes last.
    Of course, it is important to relax and socialize, but if extracurricular activity or university work demands more attention and time, you can always reschedule with friends, and they would most definitely understand.
  • Make sure to be diligent with your deadlines
    This is the 21st century, and era of advancing technology. Make use of your smart phones to set constant reminders for deadlines and submission dates so that you complete all work in time, or better yet in advance to avoid missing out the extra curricular fun and activity on the account of having to complete important academic work before deadline. Diaries may come in handy too. Depends on what you are comfortable with. Make sure to note down the exact dates for the best results and improvement. This greatly helps sort out your time, saving you from the dreading eleventh hour!
  • Time management
    Time management should also be one of the most important tips when managing studies along with extracurricular activities. This particular factor does not only serve to help students but every human being. Be it men or women, students or adults who have stepped into their professional lives or merely a housewife whose top priority is to manage her husband and children, time management is the secret ingredient to balance.
  1. First of all, you must make sure that you don’t concentrate too much on a single task or subject. It never ends well, and as a result, other tasks suffer.
  2. Assign a certain amount of time to each task. You may also use alarm clocks to finish work in time, so you also have a reasonable amount of time to be able to invest it in other activities.
  3. Divide time according to the importance or complexity of the task or activity. But an extra curricular activity must be given time too, even if it’s as little as only an hour.
  • Adapt a healthy lifestyle
    To be able to manage an effective balance between extra curricular activity and academic work-load, you have to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It’s not that difficult, pay heed and you will experience the effects in a matter of days.Proper Sleep – Sleep is an essential factor when health is concerned; therefore make it a habit to adapt to a healthy sleep-cycle of about 8 to 10 hours each night. This allows us to think faster and feel fresher. Also helps evade laziness. Remember, laziness leads to procrastination which means wasting time, and what did we say about time management?

    Healthy diet – A healthy diet is the crucial element. This especially applies to women. Ladies, do not starve your self. Work out instead, but eat healthy and make sure to get the proper amount of protein and energy everyday. Don’t give your body the chance to make you feel weak and tired all the time. An imbalanced diet can easily result in fatigue and make us lazy.

  • Analyze your goals
    If you feel your academic activity is strongly affecting your extra curricular activity, or vice versa, manage it effectively and smartly. Analyze and conclude what you enjoy doing more, and most importantly, what is more valuable to you at that point.
    For example, you may be passionate about fashion design and find yourself designing clothes as a side business from time to time. But you have a college course that you dislike and believe will not help you in the future and is taking too much of your time that you would rather spend on designing clothes instead, do yourself a favor and drop that course. In exchange you may select one that may actually be helpful and not make you feel so negative about investing time studying it. Or you could also drop the course, pursue your fashion designing activity in time, and take an extra course next semester.

It simply depends on what you want most, but both academics and external activity that satisfy your personal interests are equally important. greatly helps the women of Pakistan by providing them with flexible work opportunities so that they can maintain a balance between extra work and studies .. Join us now!


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