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The beauty and strength of being a woman

What makes a woman beautiful? What makes her shine? What exalts her and causes her to be honored and respected? Her strength is deep. How does she thrive?

Recently we shared some pictures on’s Facebook page on which the fans were asked to come up with an interesting caption. It’s amazing how all the responses have similar traits of empathy and connectivity.

It’s 2014 and the influence and participation level of women in the corporate social world is rising. Even though gender equality issues still exist in our society, strong women have overcome such barriers and made it to the senior most positions in the organizations.

No, this is not only our opinion about women being strong in the workplace, this is what every woman on’s Facebook page has to say.

caption 4 With 60 comments and 28 likes on this picture, most women felt that the picture speaks of freedom-freedom to do anything in this world. This means that women in our society are still hopeful, they have confidence in themselves, they know they can reach the highest level in their career; they only need motivation and freedom to do anything they want!

One of our fans, Maya Noorani commented “Freedom is amazing.”


Caption-1And this picture says it all! Yes, that’s why it is said that the power of women should not be underestimated. Women are really proud to be who they are. They know that they are no  less than men. This was also shown in the comments on this picture.  Farhina Ahmad commented, “I am a strength of a father, husband and a son.”

Kudos to the women who are working and supporting the entire family – you really are a  macho woman!


caption 3 Neelofar Wajahat wrote, “Harmony and peace.”

Surprisingly, that’s what every woman commented on this picture.
Being a woman is a huge responsibility. Women are motivators to friends, family, co-workers, bosses and employees. They are peacemakers, harmonizers. They are the glue that knits families together – that link between the father and the children, with the intuitive ability to understand the feelings and needs of both.

Caption 2Only a wise woman knows her boundaries, with time, she discovers herself and knows what  she’s worth. She does not allow others with less vision to undermine her and determine her worth for her. She keeps herself as a precious field, protected from evil, maintaining its worth and value for that of good purpose.

Fauzia Mazhar commented on this picture, “Discovering new horizons.”

Even in countries where you’d expect women to have no voice at all, thanks to computers and smart phones becoming more prevalent worldwide, people everywhere are getting informed and empowered.

Muhammad Yunus, founder of Grameen Bank, said in 2005, “Soon we saw that money going to women brought much more benefit to the family than money going to the men. So we changed our policy and gave a high priority to women. As a result, now 96% of our four million borrowers in Grameen Bank are women.”

This leads us to the conclusion that women are passionate about building their careers. About 15000+ likes on HerCareer’s Facebook page show that every woman participates in activities in their own way and is willing to take up a career along with managing the family.

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