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Journey towards freelancing

Binish Umair, a house wife and mother, is one of the thousands of women that form’s talent-laden online community. Alongside 15,000+ women, Binish also benefited from our blogs and decided to share her inspiring story. 

If you are bored of being a stay-at-home mother or you have turned into a couch potato after your graduation with no intentions of going out and seeking a job, then there’s only one constructive option for you to do something  in your life while sitting at your favorite couch. This yes-so-awesome option is none other than freelancing.

I am a stay-at-home mommy of a one year old hyper active and naughty kiddo, wife of a banker and aged 22. I got married at the age of 20 when all my other friends were doing their graduation and enjoying their university lives. At some corner of my heart, I wanted to be one of them too and I used to feel regretful but eventually these feelings dozed off when I got extremely busy with married life and chores. We cannot deny the fact that every phase has its own charm, may it be student life or married life.

I did freelance writing before marriage for six months and enjoyed every bit of it, however at that time I worked for one of my seniors who gave me several kinds of projects to write and paid me personally which kept me unaware of the tips and tricks about working on online freelancing websites. Soon I got married and quit working.

After 2 years of marriage, I realized that my writing skills were getting rusted although I won many ongoing writing competitions on different websites. I realized it was high time to polish these skills because I acknowledged the growing trend of freelancing and had some guilty pangs of not continuing to freelance after marriage.

I read many write ups on which motivated me towards this journey. Then I signed up for three freelance websites which are, and I kept using these 3 websites for a month and got disappointed as I was not getting any project. Finally one day, my proposal got accepted at elance and I got started with my first project. The same client gave me other projects too. Now working for two months, I have learned some tips which I would like to share with you to get started.

  • Before signing up for any account on any of the websites, build an influential portfolio. I realized the importance of it so I started working on it. Get hold of any topics, research about them and write about them in the most indulgent way you can.
  • When you are done with your portfolio, sign up for  an account, make a complete profile, enter all details, add a profile picture and portfolio and write something very impressive about yourself; soon you will get a chance to prove it.
  • Keep looking for the best projects which suit your skills whenever you get time, and if you don’t get time then make the effort to have some as getting a first job is not that easy. Try to do some job search and place bids during night hours as due to time difference there are more projects.
  • When placing your proposal for any job, show off your skills to the client, write it all in an impressing way, do not over exaggerate, do not bid too high; client’s budget should be kept in mind. Offer a sample to write too.
  • If you are given a sample to write, do the required research, prepare a rough draft, write your best, proof read and then submit.
  • When your sample is accepted and your confidence is boosted; take care of the deadline and try to submit your project before the deadline to create a good impression. Meanwhile keep your client updated about your work status and communicate in a professional yet friendly way. This will keep you at ease.
  • If you luckily get a big project then focus on that only and stop bidding for other jobs during that time. Set your working hours when you are less likely to get disturbed. Proof read your write up again and again to make it error free.
  • Do not start working on projects unless your proposal gets accepted and if the client forces you to communicate through any other sources, do it only if a client has good feedback and history and after your proposal gets accepted. Else communicate on the website’s work room only.
  • To polish your skills, try to have online grammar lessons during your free time or when you don’t have any project to work on.

Remember that initially pays will not be that high because it’s the start of your career, but I assure you that once you get your first pay in your hand, you will be encouraged to work more.

I wish you all the best, get started and I bet soon your friends will envy you!

About the author: I did my schooling from Habib Girls’s College and Bahria College Karsaz. I did certification in multimedia and advertisement from Arena Multimedia. I love to cook and share recipes on my Facebook page “Tummy Treats”.

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