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Dear Grads, it’s okay to make some mistakes.

Sounds strange, doesn’t it? But haven’t you ever heard your parents or your teachers say, “Practice makes you perfect” or  that “lessons are learnt through mistakes?” Yes, surely everyone has been there, done that!

You’ve thrown your hat in the air, and entered the corporate world. You’re probably eager to get your career started and are already thinking ahead 10 years when you’ll be running a company, saving the world, and making wads of cash.

But slow down there, new grad. Your career will build up slowly and steadily. There’s a lot to learn and gain, so just smoothly go with the flow to reach your goals!

Wasting your time on the wrong job
Sometimes graduates aren’t quite sure what job they want when they get out of college and end up applying for positions that just sound fun, or lucrative. Well, that’s perfectly fine! It’s good to start working as soon as possible even if its not your dream job. At least your CV would not tell recruiters that you were idle for that time period. If you don’t like the current field, send in your CV wherever you can but be sure to make contacts here before you resign.

Ask questions in the interview
Before going in to give the interview, you are usually warned not to ask inappropriate questions from the recruiter. Especially for your first interview, you are really nervous. You know that you need to sell yourself but some of you fear doing that. It’s okay, break your nervousness by cross-questioning the recruiter, make him think from your questions! Don’t worry about loosing the job interview, you’re just a grad hence there will be tonnes of openings your way!

Spend all your savings
Only when you’ll spend your savings will you find out where you stand in life and what you have to do. You’ll get the most terrible low-paying jobs, take them up, spend money, experiment wildly. You’ll eventually realize sooner that you’re going the wrong way when you will find yourself being dependent on parents for money. You’ll be moving backward with no money in your hands, while your friends will be getting promotions to top positions! This will urge you to try harder for an amazing job.

Not building relationships with older colleagues
College grads usually enjoy the company of hanging around their own age group. Be lunch buddies with them, crack jokes, or share your college experiences. Once you’ve ignored the older colleagues enough, remember that they can be your long term career partners, mentors and supervisors. Grow the relationship once your out of your graduation period, they will become your official mentors for future jobs.

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Choosing a job based on salary
When you were a kid dreaming of being a salesperson or a photographer, you weren’t choosing those goals based on how much money you’d be making. You might be tempted to go with a company that offers a good pay scale but you know that you won’t be fulfilling your goal, but just so you can start making cash.

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