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Get rid of bad working habits

Don’t just blame your co-workers for bugging you at work.  When you read this blog,  you’ll probably be able to relate some of the bad habits to your colleagues, but you’ll sure be guilty about some yourself too!

No, it’s not something to be proud of, you know.  Believe it or not, they’re most likely effecting your work, the relationships you have with your colleagues and even your ability to get promoted and get ahead in your organization as a woman leader. Therefore, trading good work habits for bad ones may result in a happier, and healthier work environment.

Read the following steps to blow off your bad working habits:

Coming unprepared to work
Imagine you are sitting in a middle of a meeting and your boss asks you to give your suggestions for launching a new marketing program. Your impromptu ideas would probably fail to impress the attendees. It will not only be disrespectful for the boss but also show how uninterested you are in the meeting. At that time, no excuse about your other priorities would work because the damage would have been done, so don’t expect much sympathy.

Taking too many breaks

Facebook_-_10491956_319248cThere is a certain amount of time allotted to everyone to take breaks and this rule is not flexible. Nonetheless, there are some who seem to be on their desks doing nothing all day, or away on breaks answering private phone calls or checking Facebook or Twitter accounts. This only makes you lazy and a step closer to your deadline.

The latecomer
Showing up late is a horrible habit that makes you seem unreliable. Be it for  interviews, meetings, conferences or even for your day-to-day schedule, you should always arrive on time. In fact, aim to show up to work or meetings 5–10 minutes early, this will bring your efficiency to the fore.

A few late minutes may seem harmless, but this habit doesn’t just put you at risk of disrupting your co-workers, this is something your boss is going to notice pretty quickly. And if he or she can’t count on you to show up on time ever, you may miss out on important projects that would be passed on to other employees.

Being the loudspeaker
You may not realize how loud you tend to get in excitement when you’re on a phone-call with your buddy. It’s fine

talking-loudly-in-officewhen your work is interrupted by some unnecessary phone calls but cut them short because it really isn’t the right time to discuss your wedding, family matters, or a Sunday Hi-tea in the office. If you really are eager to, then find an unoccupied room when making private calls during office hours. You definitely need to consider your surroundings as people are very involved in their work and they lose track when your volume gets monotonous.

Disrespecting personal space
Before barging into someone’s cubicle, make sure to knock before going in. Co-workers may not complain, but they hate it when someone barges into their office cubicle without permission. Even though there are no doors, the cubicle does constitute a personal working space.

In a workplace, one needs to be very organized and focused. Rather than complaining, whining and gossiping , involve yourself into something productive. If you want to break the monotony of your work then why not take some time and exercise while sitting on your desk?

Make a list of your bad habits and try to avoid at least one per day to see how your routine goes without practicing it. They obviously cannot be replaced over night, but can be monitored. Put a reminder that you need to STOP following that habit. Before even thinking to do it, a voice in your head should pop and ask you to STOP!

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