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Don’t be bored at work

Bored at work? Is that really even a problem? After all you are making money even by being bored. To all those who think that this statement is insane, congratulations that your life is going somewhere! When at work, one is either working or just getting bored. Sometimes the work is boring too. But surely there must be a solution to that boredom. And yes there is. In fact more than just one.

1. Think about it
If you are ignoring being bored, there is the problem itself. Realize that something is boring you and dig deeper to find the reason. Ask yourself WHY you are doing something. Why are you getting bored? Why are you working at this job? Why have you lost your internal motivation? Trust me there is a lot these answers can tell you about yourself.

2. Go on a vacation
A break from the routine can actually charge you up. Pack a bag and go on a fun filled vacation with your family or friends. Come back to work energetic and happy. It will do wonders for your boredom. Also, it is one of the best ways to beat boredom.

3. Compliment your work    Untitled
So your work is making you bored? Add an element of action to it. If you are sitting on a chair all day while you work, take a long walk in break and enjoy a new sandwich shop. If your work involves commuting for meetings all day, enjoy a nice half an hour in the park to just meditate. Find what compliments your work and working habits and add it to your routine. When you find yourself getting bored again, it’s time for some other complimentary activity.

4. Get a hobby
Ever seen a woman scroll through a recipe book as she works? Or a man purchasing new golf shoes during office hours? That is exactly what you need to beat the boredom. Get a hobby and when you are bored, take a five minute break and pursue that hobby. Now be cautious that it will not really work if you are a typist and your hobby is mountain climbing.

5. Explore other career options
Sometimes the reason for boredom is the lack of interest in your work. Try a different path. Think about what really interests you. Don’t worry about the financial aspect. You live life only once, live it doing what you like.

And if none of that works,

6. Be useful
Do the mundane things around office. Refill the coffee pot, offer to bring people stationary from the stock room, make the photocopies you were wishing someone else will do for you. It will distract you from the work and will even make room for a nice chat with your colleagues.

“Is life not a thousand times too short for us to bore ourselves?” -Friedrich Nietzsche

What do you think about these methods for overcoming boredom? Leave a comment below with feedback and share some of your own tips!

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Hufsa Rizwan

Written by Hufsa Rizwan