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5 things never to do at a professional social event

We love those social events. Apart from dressing up and relaxing with a few drinks, there are a lot of things that these social events can do for your career. But behaving the wrong way can waste a lot of time and even push you down on the career ladder.
There are the obvious rules of not flirting with your colleagues and not getting too excited etc. But there are also a few other major mistakes that people make. Here are the 5 don’ts of attending a social event related to your work.

1. Don’t go without a goal
Each and every social event can be turned into an opportunity for you. Don’t go just for the sake of it or because your colleagues forced you to. Try to make connections and network at these events. If not that, then at least create a good image for yourself. Be extra courteous and polite and look perfect. Have a conversation with people you don’t know, talk to the important people and ask questions. Whatever you do, don’t be aimless.

2. Don’t ask for free services
At a social event with professionals, you will meet a lot of people who offer a lot of services but it is important to remember that just because you have a conversation with them, they will not do anything for free for you. Asking someone to do what they usually charge for is not only a professional mistake but it will also ruin your image. A few people will offer help and advice, themselves. In such cases, it is okay to hear what they have to say and offer but it is not advised to prompt them for more information. It will be very rude and impolite.

3. Don’t go crazy with your phone camera
Most people think it is perfectly acceptable to take photos of anyone and anything they see at a social event and share those photos on social media. But it really is not! People have a right to be asked before you snap their photos and they must be told that you will upload them.

4. Don’t look for target audiences
The worst thing you can do is to talk to one person but try to catch another one. Nothing is more rude than that. If you aren’t really interested, do not have the conversation. It’s great to network but don’t overdo it. Trust me, it will seem like you do not respect them.Untitled

5. Don’t be lazy to network
If you are not willing to network or make connections, you might as well skip the event and sit home in your pajamas. But since you have actually gone, make your time and presence useful and start networking. The more people you make connections with, the more opportunities your career will have.

To all the women out there who have been adapting such habits, it’s time to change and be smart about turning social events into an opportunity for yourselves.

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Hufsa Rizwan

Written by Hufsa Rizwan