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Getting along with the negative co-worker

We all have that one co-worker who is a little too much drama. It could be the secretary of your boss, your team partner or that manager in the accounts department. The problem with all of them is the same; their negativity. These people will never view anything or anyone in a positive light. To them the world is full of bad things. Working with such people every day is way more hectic than it sounds.

So how are you supposed to deal with such people? Let me offer my solutions.


Hunt down the problem
It is crucial to know why the certain negative co worker and you have issues. Do not believe rumors or office gossip. Figure out what went wrong on either sides. It is easy to play victim but much harder to discover the truth and identify the real cause behind the bitterness.

Talk, talk and talk
Whatever bothers you about this co worker has to be made clear. Confront the person in question and talk it all out. Admit your issues and why you think their behavior or attitude is unhealthy. Do not return bitterness with more bitterness. Get ready to talk and listen too.


Explain your situation
There is nothing right about keeping your views hushed up. Discuss with the co worker as to why you are bothered by his/her negativity and drama. But always remember to avoid arguments or accusations.

Try avoidance 

4Communication is the best way to solve this scenario but if the person is not someone who is easy to talk to or is not willing to open up, try to avoid them. This works best. Don’t go as far as ignoring them or making rude faces. Just avoid making contact unless it is work related. And please refrain from bad mouthing them. Mind your own business.

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Hufsa Rizwan

Written by Hufsa Rizwan