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Amazing gift ideas for your co-workers

It can indeed be a difficult decision for you to make that which fellow worker truly deserves the best gift! Especially if you are new or they are new, then it can be challenging. However, giving them something that is appreciated and valued by them in the office would be a good idea.

As published in, “In today’s economy, you have to be a lot more economical with your gift giving,” says Lisa Friedman.

Don’t forget that office mates are the people whom you spend most of your day with. Check out these simple gift ideas that will definitely have the recipient thinking you’ve got some serious gift giving skills.

Personalized stuff


There’s always that one funky woman who is totally a freak about personalizing her laptop or phone. You’ll definitely come across one such lady in the office. So go ahead and spice up their phones or laptop by presenting it to them.

Organizational tools


You’ll often see your colleagues with messed up cubicles and desks when they are extremely stressed about work. Be it stationary, files, papers, or cards, their desks will be flooded. An organizational tool could be anything simple from a pen holder to a small shelving system for their cubicle.

This gift would be anything but the standard office gift most people end up giving; ideal for your boss or someone you want to impress.

Achievement awards


Every employee deserves to feel special. Appreciating their work by giving them awards like “most hard-working employee of the month” embedded on a certificate or a mug can be very motivating for the fellow worker.

With hundreds of different categories ranging from a job well done to poking fun at each other, there’s sure to be an award for everyone.

A stress relief basket

Gift Baskets 002

Give your co-workers a chance to pamper themselves. Just like you, they need it too! A gift basket including relaxation tea, essential oil, hand cream, foot soak will make an amazing gift.

It is ideal for those who stay stressed or get irritated too often by the work load.

One cup coffee maker

coffee maker

Who’s that one coffee-aholic in the office? That one colleague of yours who needs a cup of coffee constantly to keep her recharged in the late afternoon? It is just the perfect gift for her then.



If you have a co-worker who distracts you, then give her a headphone set to keep her occupied in work.

Also, whether at work or at home, either ways she can wear headphones, relax and listen to music as she works.

It can also be a useful gift for an employee who hates to be disrupted by outside noise and wants to stay focused as she’s doing her job. Headphones are a great asset for an employee. She surely will be grateful to you!

Enjoy making your co-workers’ job even sweeter with one of these gifts which are creative, professional, resourceful, or just plain fun!

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