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Internships: The Latest Fad for Undergrads

Homework, assignments, exams and projects. Isn’t that enough and to top it off with an internship? A valid question at this point might be why get an internship in the first place while you work 24/7 to keep a steady GPA?  Back in the day, a degree from a well known university sufficed to land you a decent job. However, today competition is rising at such an alarming rate that a mere degree just falls too short for your resume.


Here is a little perspective. Why should any thriving company consider hiring a fresh graduate with absolutely zero experience? Take a look around your college. You will find students already running their own businesses whether it’s a small scale clothing line or an IT solutions company. Unless you show the organization that you are the absolute best catch, they have no reason to believe that you are competent enough for the position, solely based on your college degree. And this is where internships step in. And yes, even the non paid ones are worth it.

Here are 4 solid benefits for aiming to find an internship this year:

Get a reference letter!
This is what’s really going to make you stand out from the rest of the fish in the sea. Your reference letter should highlight your responsibilities and specific accomplishments over the period of your internship.

Added benefit of building a network:
A strong, professional network can be your gateway to new avenues and opportunities in the corporate world. And building one before you actually start your career could be handy for the future. Robin D. Richards, the CEO of says, “For students, work experience is the key to ensure they make a good career decision and build their professional network.” Make sure you keep in touch with your fellow co workers!

It is your ticket to a full time job:
Internships are really a way for organizations to take a test drive of a college student or a fresh graduate. If they enjoy the ride, they might consider offering a permanent position in the firm. In fact, according to the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), 69% of companies with 100 or more employees offered full-time jobs to their interns in 2012.

Hands-on experience of the corporate world:
Up till now, you’ve been confined to the boundaries of your college walls. But the corporate world differs in so many ways and more importantly it is real. Getting a taste and feel of this environment will not only give you a beneficial experience while you’re studying but also grow you as a person.

Undergraduate students of the year, it is time to find you the internship that can make or break your future career. Join to find the internship ideal for your career!


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