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Creating the Creativity

This is not just the Cat in the Hat philosophy. It is much more than that. Creativity is all about those crazy ideas everyone believes to be ridiculous but later turn out to be mastermind ideas. It is about the dreams only you can see and pursue. But what if you are not creative? Clayton Christenson, Jeff Dyer and Hal Gergersen, the co-authors of  The Innovator’s DNA say that creativity is not a innate gift but between 60 and 75 percent of our innovation skills are developed and fostered.

So grab a cup of coffee and learn how to get your creative juices flowing through these easy steps.

Work the Workout
Ever heard about how exercise is important for health and all that? As it turns out, it is more than crucial for your mental energy. Working up a sweat can relieve you of the stress and make room for creative ideas and thoughts. Give it a try and go for a jog. You will definitely be more relaxed, energetic and full of innovative ideas on the way back.

Try cyber loafing
It means to browse things that make you happy. In the digital era, it is one of the most used forms of entertainment and of course distraction. Read blogs and articles that you usually like, go e-shopping or just scroll through the latest launches of your favourite brands. Nothing inspires more than the things you like best.

Think think & think

thinkIf you are really determined to come up with an idea, your mind automatically programs itself in that manner. Even without you realizing your brain is subconsciously working to come up with a breakthrough. You might be just chilling with your best bud or watching television, and suddenly the light bulb will go on!

Give it a rest
Thinking is great. But, sometimes the worst way to come up with a creative idea is to keep worrying about it. Just forget it for a moment and take a breather. Step away from your need of creative solutions and give yourself a break. A creative idea can easily be triggered by a calm and peaceful state of mind. Try yoga or meditation. Even just a silent walk in the park can do the trick.

Interact with smart people

It is very important to have a listener in your life who will listen to your rants and offer advice on matters. At times, all you need is to clear your head with everything that has been bothering you by sharing it with someone you trust. If all your friends are busy or unavailable, try talking to someone who has made an impact after any previous conversation you have had with them.

 Books are my best friend

indexWhile talking and relaxing will clear your head of all nonsense thoughts, it is important to fill all that space in your head with some insightful things too. It is not necessary to go to the library and read the best book on what you are stuck about. Read anything. Be it a blog, or fiction or a newspaper. You will amaze yourself when your creative idea springs up from something you have read.

Go crazy with your ideas, introduce something ridiculous and enjoy the feeling. Remember to register with to land a job that challenges your creativity.


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