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Persona through personal grooming

First impressions last. Like it or not, but the first thing anyone will ever judge you on is your appearance. It is a fact we would like to change but still subconsciously believe in it. Imagine two people wearing the exact same designer lawn suits and perfectly matching jewellery and accessories. Will we differentiate them on the basis of their personality then? No way. You and I and almost every other person will look for something else to differentiate by. It may be the nails or the skin, the hair or the teeth and even the feet! Yes it sounds so judgmental but that is how it works! So what does that tell? Personal grooming is important.

When people walk in for interviews, the interviewer looks at their personal grooming. When you go to a social event, people ‘check you out’ before networking with you. It doesn’t matter what age you are or what your status is or how many degrees you have, if you have dirty nails or uncombed hair or blistered soles, you won’t be ‘eye candy’.

Then what is that you should do? Long beauty regimes work but you don’t have the time for them. Makeover gives you charm like magic but it’s either that or your career.

The good news is, personal grooming is something you can practice on your own even at 1 am in the night. All it takes is a little energy and the  motivation to make yourself presentable in every form.

Skin is the most important. If you put on makeup every morning, don’t make it last till the dinner party. Keep refreshing it. And always use a makeup remover to take it all off. Ordinary face wash and water just doesn’t work. If residual makeup stays on your skin too long, it may block all your pores.

Apart from that, moisturize regularly. It literally takes seconds. Keep a handy moisturizer in your bag and use it whenever you get time, it may even be when you are waiting in line for the traffic signal to go green. Don’t forget to hydrate yourself. Lack of water equals skin disaster. One thing you will notice in people who practice good personal grooming tips is skin that is clear and smooth.

Your hair are a major part of your outlook. If they are not washed, anyone can spot it from even 5 feet away. Keeping your hair clean is a must. Try to get rid of that flaky dandruff on your head, it is very visible on your clothes. Keep your hair untangled and brushed well at all times. It is not important to have amazing hairdos all the time. Keep it simple and professional but remember to try only what suits you best. The best thing to use is hair care products that smell nice.


hands_and_feet011Your hands and feet are an image of personal grooming. Keep them clean and presentable. Keep your nails trimmed, shaped and short. Don’t bite them and don’t grow them like crazy. If you put on nail colour, make sure it is an appropriate shade and is not chapped.

Most Pakistani women avoid nail colour for religious reasons. They can regularly buff their nails to give them the shine that everyone appreciates. If your nails are weak, get supplements and vitamins. Similarly your feet need to be clean. The soles should not have cuts and dirt on them. Give yourself a manicure and pedicure every weekend. It will take less than 20 minutes and will leave you with a refreshed feeling.

Dental hygiene is important too. Keep your teeth clean and shining. Visit a dentist regularly and don’t give your teeth a chance to rot.

Another thing to do to add to your beauty is to remove unwanted hair from your arms and face. It will automatically give you a cleaner look.

And the one final thing every woman must be conscious of is how she smells. Use a nice perfume and deodorant. Don’t sweat through your clothes, it looks disgusting. When choosing a scent, don’t go for something that is too strong or too sweet. People shouldn’t have a headache when they stand near you. Just get something that smells nice and light.

Above all, keep yourself clean. Simple and clean is the best way to go. If you work hard on your tasks, your appearance and your career then you should also make an effort on your personal grooming to make yourself even more presentable.

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Hufsa Rizwan

Written by Hufsa Rizwan