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Productive weekends? Why not!

After the whole week of tiring and boring work, we eagerly wait for the weekend. Each one of us is desperate to get the much needed rest and to go out and have some fun. But we do forget one horrible reality, Monday is very near. So when we are busy letting our hair down for the weekend, why not find time to be a little productive and make our weekends be the tool to keeping weekdays stress free? I am not suggesting that you work all weekend and kill yourself. But try these few tips and notice the difference in your weekends.



Weekends are the best time to catch up with your family. Have a picnic or go to the beach. Take part in family events and if you are too lazy for all that, sit around and play a board  game with your family on Saturday night or enjoy a special Sunday breakfast.

Meditation is the best way to begin. Start your weekend with some relaxation techniques and keep that stance throughout the week. It will give you the energy you never knew you had.

The make and break of your weekend relies on the chores you do. Don’t keep them all piled up for the weekend. Make yourself free and available on the weekends and enjoy life without the hassle of all the chores. The best way to achieve that is to try doing a part of your chores during the week.

Your weekend to-do list must always contain time to pay off your sleep debt. All of us work late into the nights on our projects and get up early the next day. This means the required 7 hours of sleep is a rare possibility. Sleep in on the weekends and make up for all the sleep you missed out on during the week.

The most annoying thing to do on a weekend is to plan ahead for the week. I would rather poison myself than make work plans on a Saturday night but a lot of famous people do so. It gives a sense of direction to the week even before it has started. Also it saves you the planning on Monday morning.

Another thing to try is pursue your hobby. If you like your gardening, get your hands dirty early Sunday morning. If you are a baker at heart, try the latest cupcake recipe in town. Whatever it is, do it. Persuading passion is the best way to feel happy and ready for the week ahead.


When we spend 8 hours per day, 6 days a week, we are already spending too much time and effort on our careers. Therefore weekends are the way to step away from all that and pamper ourselves. But one must remember that  a new week begins after Sunday night and the best way to succeed is to take it on with full preparation.

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Hufsa Rizwan

Written by Hufsa Rizwan