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Staying healthy with a job

A 9 to 5 job leaves you with no time for gym and a whole lot of unnecessary calories. Fortunately there is a way to be a fit and healthy while working a desk job. Have a look at these easy ways to keep you fit during the day:

Say no to stress eating!
Having a bad day at office? Had a row with your partner? With all these little problems going on in our life we somehow manage to come to the conclusion that we deserve a bit of happiness in the form of a fudge slice. That piece of candy is no good and definitely does not make your problems go away!

 Breakfast is the most important meal of the day
 One of these might be your reaction: So what if I skip breakfast, it will be all right. Mornings are such a rush there is almost never time for a proper, sit down meal. Before you decide to have a quick fix of cereal on the way, think about the consequences of skipping a proper breakfast.

You can never be healthy unless you want to be healthy
No matter how many blogs you read about staying fit, you can never reach that place unless you are really determined about it. Really determined. Sure, you agree that skipping breakfast is unhealthy but how many of you are actually determined enough to take action? If you are making a decision to stay healthy then stick to it!

Tea or coffee?
Ah, we can’t really function without 4 cups of these per day, can we? I sure as hell can’t quit my coffee addiction. A good idea would be to cut down on the sugar intake per cup. Start by decreasing half a tea spoon and eventually reduce it to as much as your sweet tooth allows you to.


Stay hydrated
Keep a bottle of water at your desk and make sure to finish it by the end of the day!

Home made food over eating out
Eating out 5 days a week can be unhealthy to say to the very least. Pack yourself a healthy lunch from home. True, when everybody at office is eating out it can be tough to have last night’s left overs.  Fix 2-3 days out of your week to have healthy, homemade food and treat yourself to a hearty outdoor lunch the rest of the days!

Fruits= healthy + tasty!
This can be probably one of your most favorite and easiest tip. Pack an orange or some strawberries for your day. Instead of loading on pounds from potato chips, switch to some nutritious fruits to fulfill those hunger pangs before lunch time.

Burn some calories at work
Try some of these tips:

  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator.
  • Pace while talking to the client over the phone.
  • Take a short, brisk walks after every hour or so.
  • Stretch yourself at your desk.

Make it an office norm
The last job I worked was with a couple of health-conscious female co workers. Every month we went on a ‘liquid diet’ for the day. Surviving on fluids for the day is pretty hard, but since we were all in it to together it wasn’t half as bad!

Try to follow as many tips for a healthy life. What are your ways to stay fit with a busy schedule?

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