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Facebook: what women do and men hate!

Ever annoyed by the football related statuses men put up? The car pictures guys have as their cover photo? The swear words on their walls? The thing is, women do things on Facebook that annoys men too! And I am not even talking about the hearts you draw on your girl friend’s pictures. There is a long list.

imagesGoing all FBI

Women are the biggest stalkers ever. They will go through very detail on a guy’s Facebook profile and then question him about it. They would want to know who was the girl that liked his profile picture back in high school! Seriously girls, if he is hiding something, it won’t be anywhere near Facebook. Men aren’t that stupid!



Copying the ducks 

Guys HATE the duck face! You might think it suits you and makes you look cute. It may even be the best pose you like to make but please let those images stay in your camera roll! As old fashioned and clichéd it sounds, guys like the plain old smile! Please put up normal pictures and ditch the ones that make you look like you belong to the duck family.


Expressing too much


The thing about Facebook is, nobody really cares about your life. They are not interested in the tiny minute detail of your life from the pimples to the shopping spree. It’s best to stop publicizing your life in social media.




If they could, men would get selfies banned. A profile filled with only selfies are a huge turn off. It makes the guys think you are a crazy self obsessed psycho with no life or friends. Surely that is not the image you want to give of yourself?


Generalizing the menmen

If one of them hurt you, doesn’t mean the whole male population is the same. Guys simply hate you when you put up statuses saying “All men are the same” or “who needs guys when you’ve got ice-cream“. It makes them feel angry and frustrated with you. Imagine how you would feel if one the guys on your friend list says “All girls are crazy“.


Publicizing relationships prematurely status

No guy wants his friends to find out that you two are in a relationship through Facebook. Save him the embarrassment and don’t do it too soon. Wait till your relationship is actually out in the open. If he has asked you out once and you tag him in a relationship status, he will end up in a awkward position. Let it wait and give him a chance to show you off rather than sounding like the desperate half of the relationship.


B52R47The so called ‘artsy’ pictures

No guy will like the picture of your feet and a totally fitting but meaningless quotes. They do not see the deep thought in the picture of your laptop cover. Neither are they impressed by your shoes in a park. Save them the cringing and don’t put those up, maybe?


Now that I have let the cat out of the bag and told you what the guys hate, try to avoid the mentioned habits. There is a reason they are annoying.

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Compiled from: Cosmpolitan website.

Hufsa Rizwan

Written by Hufsa Rizwan