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Delete the shyness on your first day

“I wondered how many people there were in the world who suffered, and continued to suffer, because they could not break out from their own web of shyness and reserve, and in their blindness and folly built up a great distorted wall in front of them that hid the truth.”
― Daphne du MaurierRebecca

The first day of a new job gives you the goose bumps, the butterflies in the stomach and the sleepless night. You are excited, freaked out and kind of scared all at the same time. Do you realize how important the first day will be? Do you see it as the make or break of your career with the job? Do you care about making impressions? You should have been nodding your head in agreement otherwise it will very difficult to help you.

shyA new place makes you jumpy. Unknown people don’t really make you feel comfortable. Small talk is your worst skill. Worry not because that is how a lot of people feel on the first day of their new job. That emotion is called shyness. Try to kill it before it kills your chances at success. Here’s how.

Believe in yourself

You are hired and that is the biggest evidence of the fact that you were the best candidate among all. The employer has given you the job because they trust you. It is time you trust yourself. Don’t tread cautiously thinking you will mess up. You will definitely do so if you keep thinking it. Be confident and give yourself a chance. Underestimating to yourself on the first day will make you more shy and inconfident.

Don’t be scared to ask

It’s your first day and you are allowed questions even if you think they are stupid. This is the chance to get to know things from the scratch. So don’t feel hesitant, just do it. No one will eat you up. The shyness will probably do more damage than the blunt questioning strategy.
sahynLearn to relax

Meditation cures shyness like anything. It makes you feel less stressed and takes away all the worries. Pinch your forefinger and thumb together if you feel really uncomfortable. Repeat phrases like “you can do it” and  “it’s all okay” to yourself if the need be. Sleep early the night before. Try to be calm and composed.

Keep smiling

It is believed that smiling can trigger good ‘feels’ in your body. You are supposed to feel happier when you smile. Give it a try. It will make others feel glad around you too. A simple smile can make a difference and change the opinion that people have of you. Keep smiling an spreading happiness.

Talk to someone who is just as shy

If you are feeling shy and reserved there are chances that someone else will be too. Have a talk with them and discuss strategies to overcome the shyness. Be that person’s moral support and make them yours. But whatever you do, don’t be shy together!

Plan for the future

Start the new job with careful planning. Don’t rush the first morning. Don’t try to give yourself a rush if you are shy. Mentally prepare yourself. The best thing to distract yourself from the first day blues is to use the day to plan your future with the organization.  Focus on what and how you will do your job

They key to not be shy is to be confident, relaxed and happy.Only you can control how you feel so try hard and do a good job of it.

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Hufsa Rizwan

Written by Hufsa Rizwan