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Tips and Ideas for the business women

Every woman wishes to pursue a business of their dreams. Who doesn’t want to be as famous as Coco Chanel or Estee Lauder?

Women-owned businesses are on the rise, according to the Small Business Association, and are now the fastest-growing segment of new businesses in the U.S. economy.

Some women entrepreneurs come from the corporate executive world and are simply ready to take a crack at running things themselves and putting their own ideas into action. Others have faced layoffs from a downsizing economy or are re-entering the workforce after taking time off to raise children. Still women are building long-held dreams to start their own business.

“The scariest part of starting a business abroad is the first step. If you have done your research, made good contacts and have the capital, just dive in and give it a go!” – Elana Schmid, Elana Jade Salon.

Follow these tips and ideas to make you a perfect female entrepreneur:


Don’t give up

Never let go off things so easily. Keep trying, you never know how close you maybe to achieving your goal and letting it go may just leave you in a big regret. Make sure you’re doing everything you possibly can to keep things going, stay positive and believe that everything is going to get better.

Don’t do what you dislike

Don’t push yourself into something that you may not love. Only put yourself into it if you’re very much passionate about it. Surround yourself with people who are there to support you. Take time to invest in it and think about it but produce something unique. Now-a-days, face to face marketing is not required, social media is enough to convey everything to a mass audience.

Develop an ideal business plan

Unless you  have a clear business idea in mind, you won’t lead yourself to a right direction.

“A business plan is critical for your business, large or small. It serves as your foundation and it’s where you turn when you’re looking to grow. It all comes back to the business plan.” – Eileen Schlesier of SleeveShirt Consulting LLC

Be helpful

Always be willing to take out time for others. Be there for them in helping them connect with others from your network. If you begin helping others, people will begin to help you. Remember it’s a two way street: if you ask for help, you should also offer help.



You’ve grown up seeing your grandma do knitting. Get yourself into the habit of knitting and you’ll see how amazing arts and crafts you create yourself! After mastering the art of knitting, why not open up an online store, organize regular exhibitions, and develop international customers. This way your orders will keep coming and the business will keep expanding.


Are you bored of keeping your creative ideas and thoughts to yourself? Or have you ever been so passionate about fashion, beauty or cooking but never got the chance to share your views? Here you go, best way is to start typing it out. Design a very funky website and share some classy thoughts by being your own boss!If you put in a little more effort on research, good money can be made from all sorts of writing.

Event management

Ever wanted to organize an event? If yes, then what are you waiting for? Start your research prior to setting up a company and meet mentors who are experienced enough to guide you through it. So many things fall under this. Wedding planning, birthday parties, fashion shows and so much more!So if you have an eye for detail, have a good tolerance level and that communication skill, then this is best for you. Involve your friends and family to get started!

Coaching services

Love being there for people? Starting a coaching service may be the personally and financially rewarding business opportunity you’re looking for. Whether you become a life coach, health coach or career coach, among others, you have the opportunity to help others overcome challenges, make tough decisions and reach their potential in business womanwhatever it is they do.

The internet is one smart business partner that you definitely want!

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