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Stressed out? Things you must avoid

Most of the time, we turn to things which we think will divert our mind from a stressful and a monotonous routine. But while some people are good at coping with it, others make dumb mistakes that amp up the toxic effects.

Some workplace stress is normal, but excessive stress can interfere with your productivity and impact your physical and emotional health. Your ability to deal with that stress can define the difference between success and failure.

When life comes at you fast and furious, the last thing you want to do is make things even harder for yourself. Start by avoiding the following traps:

Not Taking Time Off

Remember, we are human and we deserve to get a break from work. Agreed that working 24/7 shows how dedicatStressed outed and serious you are towards your work. But, do not forget that you need rest too. It’s a good idea to take a breather to let your body and mind recover. That calms the stress response and helps you get ready for a bigger challenge.

Giving In to Cravings

Some people respond to stress by reaching for sweets or fatty comfort foods. That’s a big mistake, says anxiety expert Dr. Henry Emmons.

You may not realize, but all junk foods you crave for are horrible for your body. Under stress our bodies take much longer than usual to clear saturated fats from the blood stream (study by Janice Kiecolt at Ohio University proves this). Janice further found that these are the very fats associated with inflammation, type 2 diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular disease.

In the long run, caving in to cravings is counterproductive.

Saving on Sleep

It is ideal to get seven to eight hours sleep at night. You will be fresh and productive as ever in the morning! In order to save yourself from mental illness—catch up on sleep! Lack of sleep will lead you to being irritable which is greater stress.  You won’t be able to focus on what you’re doing without the required amount of sleep. Staying up has never solved any problems for anyone.

Sharing stress with your friend

When you’re stressed out, you think this is best thing to do! You obviously can’t keep everything bottled up and cry to yourself. You need to be with a close one to help you find solutions. But the truth is that by talking it out, stress is adding up to your problems. The talk is not helping. Spare the both of you by talking about a situation only once, with a focus on solutions.

Shopping to kill stress

Sometimes, all you want to do is shop away your stress.

According to a small study conducted at Michigan State University, participants who scored as materialistic in the experiment had an increased likelihood of experiencing post-traumatic stress symptoms and had a higher chance of compulsively or impulsively shopping. 

If your stress levels are unhealthy and you feel you need more support and resources, consider getting help; remember that you can talk to your doctor or a therapist about stress relief if it doesn’t get better.

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