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‘Jobs for Women only’

A few hours ago I came across a website offering jobs of all types. The list of categories included the latest addition of ‘Jobs for Women’. Curious to see why jobs for women differ from all the other categories (which btw were based on the fields and not gender) , I clicked on that horrifyingly prominent link. What I got  was a list of jobs which are supposedly ‘for women’ and a massive headache to go with it.

Some (read: almost all) of the society believes that women cannot do everything. Why is there a social taboo regarding jobs for women? Why must she be a receptionist, a phone operator, a teacher but not a CEO? Why are there some jobs that are considered okay for women but not all? Well here maybe the answer to what is a debate that is almost never raised in this country.

Look at this job posting from classifieds:

“We are looking for a front desk FEMALE only receptionist who is well spoken. Must be able to read and write English properly. Job will include answering the phone, making appointments, making bills and payment and handling client phone calls.”

Seem familiar? Of course it does! After all you scan the classified looking for jobs that scream out FEMALE. God forbid, if you even look at the one on the front page requiring a MALE manager.

Here’s another one:

Job opening for a MALE for the position of IT Director. Must have 2 years’ experience in IT related areas.  Resumes will be shortlisted before interviews. ONLY men must apply!

Or this one:

20-30 year old unmarried FEMALE office worker needed to meet with clients, sell products, and maintain efficient records.”

Yes, 20-30 only. You won’t be a good worker if you are married or older than 30! There are no jobs available for you if you are married or old, okay ?

The society is way too oblivious to the fact that a woman can do everything a man can. Maybe even better. But above all are the companies which promote such things. The recruiters who define genders for a job opening before defining the qualification requirement. The interviewers who ask a girl if she plans to get married soon. The bosses who ask a woman on her maternity leave to do her work from home. The men who think women get jobs because they are women. The corporate culture which gives bonuses to men first and women later. All  these are our culprits.

The idea that a woman is a risky employee and will leave her job any second over her family is so dominant that it never actually leaves the minds of people.What everyone so easily forgets is that a woman defines the future of the family and country in Pakistan.

A woman can be a CEO. She can be the managing director. She could be a major stakeholder. She will make senior partner in a law firm. The Pakistani job market and every man should get ready for the future when these women, who are only receptionists and assistants in their minds, take over the corporate world. Doubt it? Here are a few examples:



Ayesha Farooq: First war ready Female pilot of Pakistan




Samina Baig: First Pakistani woman to scale Mount Everest


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Namira Saleem: Pakistan’s first woman in space.


Women are excelling in everything and they will continue to do so. Denial is no way out. Neither is degrading them.

So girls, next time you see a section of ‘Jobs for women’ anywhere, don’t even bother looking for a second more. The demeaning categories are way below you . If they think a woman can’t do all the other jobs, they need to open their eyes.

Join to get a job in any field you want. There really is no right job for a woman. Because she can do anything right!


Hufsa Rizwan

Written by Hufsa Rizwan