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Being a stay at home mom may be the toughest job in the world!

 ” You have like the easiest life! ”  Get that often? Don’t worry, all stay at home moms do. If you are not rushing away to meetings or crying over your job, it is easily assumed you have nothing to do in life except ‘just’ stay at home and take care of the kids. No one knows how you feel and deal with this so called simple everyday life. So here are few things that makes a stay at home mother’s day a lot more crazy than most people imagine.

You don’t know what sleeping in means
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People think you do this all day

What really happens…
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You actually KNOW what multi-tasking is

You have to justify being a stay at home parent all the time

Baby Tv is your favorite channel
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Afternoon naps? Lol, JK!
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The ultimate joy is finding a mall with a play area
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The common cold is your worst nightmare

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