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10 Things You Could Delegate to Your Virtual Assistant

Delegating is a daunting task for most professionals. Most people instinctively want to do all the work themselves when they get into a project because it’s their ‘baby’ or simply because they don’t trust others enough to share their workload. Most of the times this attitude creates problems, from late nights to not being able to meet deadlines, a project in which you’re doing all the work yourself almost always becomes a nightmare.

An easy way to start deputing work to others is hiring a Virtual Assistants more commonly called VA’s. VA’s are different from other employees because instead of coming onsite they work from home. For people who prefer to work alone this is great because your employee will not get in your way, you will communicate, co-ordinate and work together over the phone or on the internet. They are also more than just secretaries and tend to do more types of work in a lesser amount of money. Delegating to Virtual Assistants is a great option for employers because they are cost efficient and often have a multi-faceted skill.

Some of the tasks you could and should be delegating to a Virtual Assistant are as follows;

1. Book-keeping: Depute the task of taking care of invoices and accounts to your assistant. Most bills and receipts can be taken care of online. Instead of spending precious time doing this, start delegating to a Virtual Assistant and hand over your passwords so utility bills and outstanding invoices can be taken care of.

2. Online Research: Tell your VA to take care of all research that can be done online. Delegating to a Virtual Assistant will save you time for the actual work. Send them precise instructions for what you want and ask them to email you findings. If you are a research scholar or research based company then give them passwords to specialized search engines so they can get relevant results.

3. Database Entries: Give this simple task to your VA and ask them to plug in any new contacts of clients or anyone else associated with your firm in the database. This will not only save time but will also make your life easier when searching for a missing phone number or email address.

4. Presentations: Delegating to a Virtual Assistant the task of designing PowerPoint presentations is a great idea. Just send them the raw data with a few instructions and save yourself the hassle if doing so.

5. Managing Email: Ask your VA to take care of online correspondence, ask them to filter your inbox and get rid of spam and let only the important ones stay in your inbox.

6. Social Tasks: Virtual Assistants can also take care of online tasks like maintain blogs or sending thank you notes and holiday greetings.

7. Travel Research: Delegating to a Virtual Assistant travel research is also a time saving way of getting ready for a big meeting out of town. Give them the appropriate dates so they can make flight and hotel arrangements while you plan other things.

8. Scheduling: Depute to them the task of making your daily schedule, taking care of your meetings and other plans.

9. Chasing Businesses: They could also help out by looking out for potential opportunities for your business to grow.

10. Industry Knowledge Prep: Ask them to keep a tab on important happenings in your line of work and report to you of important studies and findings amongst other things.
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Delegating to Virtual Assistants can certainly save a lot of time and money. It is good idea to hire an assistant with a varied skill set. An excellent thought would be to hire someone from a country like Pakistan. There are many competent and talented women here, who would want an opportunity for a stay at home job. Not only that, but these women are more often than not highly educated and have university degrees and training in many of the aforementioned fields which would make your job easier for you. These women with all their talent and skill will provide, top notch, quality services for a lesser price than it will take you to hire an onsite employee.
If you have decided to make the right decision and hire a Virtual Assistant, then it is the time to head to to find the best talent there is!


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