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Becoming a Virtual Assistant

Have you ever had  to make the hard choice of having to choose between family and work? As a woman and especially a woman in Pakistan, I am sure you have. In a country where leaving the house for work is often frowned upon, stay at home work opportunities are a silver lining for most talented and educated women. Whether you want to leave the office for your family or other personal issues, it is now easy to maintain a career from home via the internet. Virtual Assistant is such a pathway for women; you can become a Virtual Assistant right from the comfort of your home and have the power to work your career around your personal life.

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Being a Virtual Assistant doesn’t mean that you become a secretary, you basically do any and every job that you can do from home without actually going anywhere. This includes, research, writing, tutoring, mentoring, maintaining accounts etcetera.

There are a few things that you need to do on your way to become a Virtual Assistant:

Get a Website: Create your own website or blog so that people know you and the services you provide. If you don’t want to create one then go ahead and register with online platforms that help people get jobs and make your page over there. You need a place where people can find you and identify you as the person they want to work for them.


Research about being a VA: You need to find out all about being a Virtual Assistant, read about it online or invest in a book. The Bootstrap VA by Lisa Morosky is a highly recommended book in which she gives useful tips about how to become a Virtual Assistant and tells one about how she became one.

Get going on Social Media: Comment on blogs, create Google+, Facebook and Twitter accounts. Basically do any and everything you need to reach out to clients, this is how you’ll get people to want to work with you if you are not yet well established as a Virtual Assistant.

Be Helpful: The biggest thing you need to do to become a Virtual Assistant is being helpful. Show prospective clients that you know your stuff and can be an asset to them. Leave helpful tips on blogs etcetera for people you would like to work with.

Keep checking out other VAs: Keep looking at what other assistants are doing, look for them on Facebook or online forums and platforms and keep in touch and update each other.

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The steps to become a Virtual Assistant are simple and once you get to your goal it can be immensely fulfilling. Make your life easy and self actualized at the same time by working from home and earning money.
If you want to become a Virtual Assistant, head of to, register now to find a job that suits your lifestyle needs.


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