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The ‘right’ careers for women

Are you the jet setting CEO of a company? Or a dynamic General Manager? Women in top positions in firms are often regarded as anomalies. In Pakistan there are only a few careers which are thought to be appropriate for women. The best one is the one which doesn’t clash with one’s family life and ensures that you are back by 8 to get dinner on the table. All prospective mothers in laws want a doctor daughter in law who stays at home. Let’s take a look at some of the careers Pakistani society thinks are the best ones for us ladies;
Girls and fashion go hand in hand, AND you can do this from the comfort of your house and design all your in laws clothes, fashion designing is definitely a career which people think is great for women

Teaching is another one of these careers, the perks being 2 month of vacations and getting free by 2 everyday which makes sure you’re back in time for both lunch and dinner, to cook I mean.

Running a catering business from your house, because you not only stay at home, you cook all day as well.

While all these career choices are amazing, they are not the only ones that us women can do, from heading companies to being doctors who make a difference, we can do it all.
If you have decided you want to pursue a career, now is the time to head off to where we don’t think there are a few right careers for you. Anything you want is right.


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